Moonlit MazeMature

Evee Witch never thought twice about taking the short cut through the park.
Never remembered the boy she knocked accidently with her shoulder. Why should she?
Her mind was focused on the fact she had moved towns and that she might not fit into school.
But she didn't think on the first full moon of her time in her new house, that her parents would be out and that boy would become something she desired but didn't want to.

My name's Evee Witch. A funny name I know. I use to continuely ask my parents from the age of five why are last name was Witch. But I gave up around the time I turned 13. I'm 16 now though.

Sweet sixteen. But I can tell you my sixteenth birthday party was anything but sweet. It was more of a waving off party. Saying goodbye to me before I move to the small town of Wicca.

Okay, please don't laugh. Yes, my lasts name is Witch. And yes,  I'm going to live in a town called Wicca. So now, My life is seeming to be totally related to magic and it doesn't help my mother thinking shes a 'phychic'.

So this new town better be ready for me and with all the events of the goodbyes this morning running on my mind its not helping that my mind turns quickly to school.

School. I left three friend back at our old town. Then a large group of so called 'friends'. I don't get how someone can be your friend and quite easily bitch the hell about you behind your back.

So I'm going to miss my only three true friends who will probably join in with the crowd and end up spilling to Jamie I did actually like him. Well, its not like he can do anything about it now. Along with the new house I got a new phone number and not one of my old 'friends' knows either.

So new life..... brilliant.

The End

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