Moonlit Dusk

The cerulean sky laid perfect above the impure world, fluffy white clouds took with them, the dreams and hopes of those who dare defy the day to day treadmill. Yet below the peaceful sky a commotion was brewing, a scrawny man with patchy hair was cowering in the shadows. His eyes darted to and fro across the square, keeping a close eye on everybody's movements, not moving himself as he slipped down a dark street. Not a shard of sunlight made it into the side street, the buildings either side cast dark shadow bringing with it a chilling wind, in an open window above chimes tinkled.

He looked up at the sky and sighed, he turned to walk out of the alley. A dainty hand grabbed his shoulder and forced him to turn. In front of him stood a girl, no more than 17, ochre hair tumbled down her back and her fringe blocked out her dark eyes.

"You came?" the small man stammered.

"Did you bring it?" She purred a smile playing at her lips.

"I..I, you know the situation I'm in" he replied, his palms clamming up.

"I've given you extensions on this, too many to recall. I'm bored of waiting I need the money" the purring had turned into a soft growling, toying with him.

He was left speechless, stood with his mouth agape trying to force words out of his mouth. The girls petit face twisted as she approached him. He screamed as she bit into his shoulder. Gasping in pain he clawed at her in vain. She stopped her feeding and swiftly grabbed each wrist. Her nails pierced his pale skin, blood streamed from the wounds, her grip tightened. With unseen strength she twisted his wrists, and she could feel the bones fracturing, splintering. Tears streamed down the mans face unable to speak through the pain, unable to make noise but yelps. Sliding off her prey she drew out a small dagger, she buried the curved blade deep into the mans chest severing the thorax. Tears still streamed from his wincing eyes, he drew a last breath and shuddered it out. His body lay limp in an undisturbed street where only the sound of chimes could be heard.

The End

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