That was the first time I looked at Jared properly. Of course, I'd glanced at him in corridors and during lunch time, but he never really caught my eye that much.

  Now that I looked at him properly, I realized he wasn't bad looking. We were near enough the same height, though I may have been a centimetre or so taller than he was. Along with being tall, he was quite skinny, and always seemed to be wearing tight trousers whenever he wasn't in school uniform to emphasize it.

  That day, his hair had that 'just-out-of-bed' look, with tangles and bits that had obviously been sticking up smoothed down. His hair was occasionally like that (which gave some people an excuse to pick on him) but most of the time it was tidy. He had it down to his shoulders, in a side parting that didn't cover his eye excessively, but often fell over his face because it was so thick. The colour of it was a dark brown, with shades of lighter brown in it, and I'm sure you'd find a bit of blonde if you looked close enough.

  His eyes were matching his bed hair. He had purple bags below them, like he hadn't slept all night. Maybe he hadn't? Who knows.

  The actual colour of his eyes matched his hair; dark brown. Warm, deep, dark brown. Swoon. He had really thick, dark eyelashes, that girls always want and end up covering themselves in mascara for, but just look fake and get stuck together.

  I can't believe I didn't notice this before, but he has a ring on the left of his lower lip. It was just a thin steel one, but it looked really cool on him.

   I sat down on the grass and glanced down at my grimy blouse. Then I realized something.

  "How come you're not in school uniform?" I asked him.

  His face flused bright red. "Er, I went home and got changed" He mumbled. "But then I remembered I'd left my German book, so I came back for it."

  I considered what he had said. "Where do you live?" I asked him.

  "Pennywell lane" He wasn't making eye contact with me for some reason, like he was embarrassed.

  Or lying. Pennywell lane is a good 15 minute walk, and he would've been home for a few minutes to get changed and realize he'd left his book behind. It's only about  he defianatly couldn't drive yet, he wasn't in 6th form.

  "Have you got any cuts or anything?" He asked me before I could think about it anymore or ask him about it. "You should probably check." There was that thing in his voice again, the thing I couldn't quite work out. Was it sadness?

  I nodded, pulling up my shirt to look at my stomach. There was no mark there, yet, but it hurt when I touched it. Next, I rolled up my sleeves, to find a series of brown bruises on both my upper arms where they had gripped me.

  Jared whistled. "That must've hurt. You got anything else that I should check out?"

  I blused, reaching for the back of my head. "I hit my head, but I don't think it's that bad." I winced slightly as my fingers passed over the small lump on the back of my head. It was sore, but I would live.

  There was an awkward silence. What was going to happen now? Was he going to walk me home, and then never speak to me again? It's not like I'm into him or anything, but I'd rather that didn't happen. I hardly ever get to speak to anyone my own age who isn't about to throw something at me.

  "Perhaps we should get going then?" Jared asked a few minutes later. "I'm sure they're gone now."

  We got up and walked back to my house in silence. It was really annoying that I couldn't even think of one intelligent thing to say to him. He was going to think I was some sort of silent weirdo.

  He was right, the boys that hurt me were gone, and after what seemed like an eternity of walking, we finally got to my house.

  "Well, thanks." I murmered as I fumbled with my keys. "It was nice of you to walk me back."

  "No problem." I looked up. He was grinning broadly at me. "I don't like to think of you coming in on your own tomorrow; let me come with you then, if you don't mind?"

  I was so shocked that after my twenty minutes of idiocy he actually wanted to socalize with me again. I nodded, barely able to speak.

  He chuckled. "See you then."

  Still smiling, he walked away down the road. I followed him with my eyes until I couldn't see him anymore. Shaking my head at myslef, I opened the door and went into my house.

The End

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