In a school with a bullying problem, Lynette is isolated and alone. Until she teams up with another outcast, Jared. The two stick together, trying to avoid trouble, but Jared is hiding a deadly secret...

   You could say our school has a bullying problem. However, most people say our school is dominated by the popular, while the others try to avoid getting trampled by them.

  I'm not one of the popular ones, not that I'd want to be though. They're pretty much just clones of eachother. The girls, designer clothes, make up and un-naturally thin. The boys, muscly, on sports teams and with depressingly low trousers. Not a single individual one among them.

   I don't want to be like that. That's the reason I'm not popular and get picked on. I dress my own way. Sadly, that gets me called a freak. But if you think about it, I wear pretty much the same as them, only in black. They wear skinny jeans, so do I. They wear hoodies, so do I. You get the picture. The others don't approve of my 'retarded emoness' (that's what Hannah Shan said to me once) so they isolate me.

  First of all, they push me around. You know what I mean, hitting me and shoving me and things like that. Along with that, they spread rumours about me. Things like I'm a satanist (I'm not) I tried to kill myself twice (I didn't) I'm a lesbian (I'm not) and my Dad is an alcoholic. That one has some truth in it.

  Next, they take my stuff. Throwing my books over the fence, hiding my PE kit and taking my bag. That one gets me in trouble with teachers, because I often have to ask for new books and whatnot, so they give me detentions. At least it means I don't have to go out during lunch time, to face them.

  Finally, they let anyone who comes near me know that if they get friendly, the same thing will happen to them. There are probably people who would be friends with me, the unpopular people, but they're to scared to talk to me. There is one person though. Lucy Knight. She sits next to me in art, and there aren't any other popular people in that class, so she doesn't mind talking to me. She's one of the nicer populars. I just wish she would acknowledge my existance outside of art class...

   My days were pretty much the same back then. Go to Crapland (school) get bullied, go home.

  Then I met Jared.

The End

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