On Sunday, I don't wake up. Usually, I'd be first up, to go to church. I don't take the kids anymore. I let them choose if they want to come or not these days. More often than not, they choose a lie in over church. Most days, I can't blame them.

But maybe one day, God will actually pay attention to me and help me out. I mean, there's only so long a guy can be ignored for. Four hundred years is pushing it a little, though. I mean, c'mon.

Either way the point is that I usually go, hangover or not. ‘Cause I get the feeling I'm gonna need the big guy upstairs to give me some kind of kick up the arse that'll finally get me out of my alcohol addiction.

And if his idea of helping me is sending Melissa back, then he can fuck off. I'll stick to being a drunkard, thanks very much.


I don't wake up til Annie walks in, about to ask me if I'm ready to go to church yet, because we're going to be late. Her voice is too loud and the dimmed light of the floor lamp suddenly too bright as I crack open one eye.

"Dad!" she exclaims at the sight of the empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the bedside table. I grimace and pull a pillow over my head, trying to block out her footsteps as she storms in and snatches the bottle off the side, saying something negative.

I stay like that until she goes away again. She sounds more and more like Leah every fucking day, harping on about how I need to stop drinking. Well it's not like it's gonna kill me, is it?

I stick out a hand, blindly searching for my cigarettes and lighter. As my fingers close around the packet, she comes back in and rips the pillow off, closely following that up with the duvet.

Groaning, I curl up in a ball, my eyes shut tight.

"Dad, get up. You need church more than any of us right now."

"No," I moan, half opening one eye to look for the duvet.

"Yes." She grabs my arm and hauls me up out of bed, shoving me in the shower. I whine, but she ignores it until I give in and comply, washing and dressing, and eventually getting myself down to church.


I keep my head down as we walk in and hope to fuck that no one notices just how rough I'm looking. 


The End

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