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I knocked on Lazarus’ door with Leah directly beside me, my face contorted with rage as I stood beside her.  I knocked again, growling slightly. But when the door was answered by someone I didn’t recognise my face fell. The scent was unfamiliar, but it had to be either Annie or Lucas. From what I remembered from her childhood, Annie had a sweet, flowery scent. This was stronger, muskier. “Umm, is that you, Lucas?” I stuttered, straining my eyes even though I knew it wouldn’t be any easier to see.

I heard Leah step inside, though as soon as she stepped over the threshold, Lucas stepped in front of the door again, of course. I would be a stranger to him. “Yeah, who’re you?”

"My names umm, Melissa," I stuttered, not bothering to mention my last name. Though officially it was Thorn, Lazarus’ disposition toward me it might as well be Rose again.

He paused, then his voice lowered, "Are you... did you come round earlier?"

"Uhm, yes, yeah I did," I nodded and he paused again, I could tell he was thinking hard before he spoke. He was smart, wise.

"The person that dad said - oh my god. Are you my mother?" Well, it took him a little longer than I thought but, at least he got there in the end. I smiled and spoke the next words softly.

"Yes. I am."

He spluttered a reply, but I couldn’t hear it before Lazarus called to them from the room at the side, “Who is it?” His voice was sweet and I realised how much I missed it.

"I don't deserve the title though, Lucas. Leah has been more a mother than I. I understand that, I'm sorry," I tried to apologise; I didn’t know how much good it would do however.

Lazarus’ scent grew stronger as he walked forward and I could feel the air get cold, "Should've known."

"I didn't come here for trouble. I just wanted... my wedding ring back."

"Right... Lucas?"


"You gonna stay and talk to your mother, or are you gonna help Leah with dinner? ’Cause if you're gonna talk to your mother and then I suggest you find Annie, or she'll go all moody. Y'know how she is."

Lucas kinda laughed and then continued, "I- I don't know." Lazarus pats his shoulder and wanders off to find her ring.

"Thank you, Lazarus," I called after him, before turning to Lucas, "this must be hard. You don't have to talk to me if you don't want."

"N-no, it's fine. I'll um, I'll go get Annie"

"Oh, yes. Of course."


He went to go get his sister, "Annie, I do trust you grew to be as beautiful as your... father."

"Dad? Beautiful?" She laughed.

"Well, he was back about eighteen years ago. Any beauty I might have held has diminished by now, but I'm sure you're really beautiful."

"She's about as beautiful as the wrong end of a pig," He chuckled and I heard the painful slap of Annie’s hand colliding with Lucas’ cheek. "Ow!"

I smiled, "may I?" I asked as I reached up my hand toward her.

"Uhh sure," she hesitated.

I placed my hand over her cheek and then ran it through her hair. "You are so beautiful, and I see humour doesn't fail you Lucas. Oh, I made such a grave mistake... I'm so sorry!"

Lucas: "Dad never did explain why you left"

"I never wanted to truly leave, just with the pack alpha stepping in and everything just got on top of me... I was exiled. I could never come back after that. But I originally left with only a plan to come back later." Lazarus returned and presented a box to me, "Oh. Thank you," I smiled, taking the box from him. "Thank you, so much."

"Dinner's nearly ready,” he announced and as quickly as he appeared he was gone again.

"Lazarus, please," I pleaded, reaching out for him, but my hand fell through mid-air. "Please, wait."

He didn’t wait for me and Annie sighed, "Sorry... he's been moody all day," I turned to her and nodded painfully before continuing into the living room after Lazarus.

"Lazarus! Wait!" I called, "stop! Please...!"

He strained his voice as he tried not to shout, "What?"

"Please, I wanted to come back sooner, I did. Please, listen to me. I've thought about nothing but you and the kids since I left. I remember everything about you, everything we did..."

"Then why wait eighteen years?"

"My life wouldn't let me. I didn't become blind by accident you know."

"Well I guessed that much; you /do/ have a habit of getting into trouble."

"Of course, I've been working for alpha's across Europe. Although, one of them... asked me to do something I didn't want to so I said no. He did this," I gestured to my eyes with a sigh. When he said nothing, I continued, "I never let myself forget, I wouldn't let myself forget you! Look!" I tapped the cross round my neck, "I'm sorry! Leah said I lost the chance to see you, but I don't want that to happen, have I? Have I completely lost you?"

"Put it this way: now that you're back, I can finally file for a divorce and know where to find you for the paperwork."

"NO!" I shouted, "Please no..." I felt pathetic, as tears streamed down my face, I froze. "Lazarus, please. I still love you."

Annie sounded reproachful as she looked at us from the doorway, "Dad!"

Lazarus ignored her though, "You had enough chances. You wasted most of them. You two, dinner. Now." He walked away from me again.

"Lazarus! You saved me... from my father, my ex, death... I saved you when I thought you'd left me and you'd in fact been kidnapped. This was no way to repay you but please. Remember what we've been through!" He said nothing and that hurt more than anything, "Lazarus!" I called again, taking off my blind fold so I could see him; he was definitely a sight for sore eyes. I tried to get focus as I followed him, taking the moment it took for me to find my sight again to slip on the ring. "Lazarus. If you didn't care, why do you still wear this?" I held up my hand.

"Get out of my house!"


"Did you go deaf as well?"


Leah came in and pushed him back slightly "just calm down, Lazarus." She mumbled, before turning to me and tried to show her authority. To which, I growled softly, "I think you should stop pushing your luck now, Melissa."

"Can you blame me? He won't kill me, but he lets me live this... life. He claims he wants nothing to do with me, yet he still wears his ring!?"

“Just go."

"I won't be talked to by you! You..." Another pained howl yelped from my lips but I pushed it back. I was in control of the wolf. I was. "Lazarus, I love you."

"Go," Lazarus snapped.

"Lazarus, please..."

"Why are you still here?"

"Because I've lost you too many times. I can't bring myself to leave."

"If I do, what will happen after that?"

"How should I know?"

"Okay, fine. But I can't stay here long; Kito is still Alpha here..."

"And the decision still remains with me."

"I'm hiding out in the church....with the priest that, well. You know."

"Good for you. Find a different church."

"He's the only one that will grant me solitude and not inform Kito! The only one I can trust, please. I'll be there should you decide to... see me. If any of you want to see me." He growled and I sighed, "I'm going, I'm going," as I turned I caught a glimpse of Annie and Lucas and I smiled, "Your dream was a little right, you are a wonderful father..." I mumbled as I took a staggered breath, walking from the front room. But Lazarus pushed me out faster before slamming the door in my face.

The End

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