Who do you think you are?Mature

"I believe you have something that belongs to me, Leah," I announced as she opened the door. Her face was just one of those that I could have punched. I didn’t know whether it was the fact that she had my wedding dress or whether I just pure hated her. I tried to keep my tone and face civil as I stared at her.

She just looked at me, apparently dumbstruck. "Wha’?"

"My name's Melissa, Melissa Thorn," I couldn’t mask the fact that I was starting to get angry. Her idiocy was annoying.

"Ohh yeah, you're the one that abandoned him all those years ago." I held myself back, my hands tightening into fists as her voice grated through me. So matter-of-fact.

"Yes, but that wedding dress was mine. I want it back."

"Y'know the poor bastard still wears that wedding ring, like he's expecting you to come back to him or something." Images began to float into my head. Images of me wringing her neck.

"I've already seen him and it. Where is my dress!?"

"Beats me," She smiled and I let out a low, foreboding growl. Just try me, I dare you.

"Don't test me,” I snapped, “I will rip you limb from limb, I may be blind. But I can still torture you." I was going to say kill, but Lazarus wouldn’t have liked me too much for that.

"I'm sure you can, but I don't know where it is."

"What did you do with it!?" She paused, waiting for an answer and when none came but a sheepish smile Melissa’s eyes glowed with hatred. "You threw it away!? What did you do that for!?"

"Lazarus was sat staring at it for three weeks. What would you have done?"

"Kept it...you bitch!" I growled as I turned around, "you're lucky I wasn't commissioned to kill you. I would've enjoyed it."

"Kept it where? He'd have found it again."

"I tried to take it when I left," I shouted back to her, "just, stay away from me!"

"You came and found me!" She laughed incredulously and I let out an irritated howl.

I ran back to her, my hand instantly clasping around her neck, squeezing it just enough to make her rasp for air, but not to kill her. "Don't. You don't know what you're messing with."

"A psychopath?"

I threw her to the floor, her head making a smack against the wall. "Don't." I muttered, flinching as the silver cross moved from its place and burnt my chest. "Just don't."

She sat up and rubbed her head, "Look, I was just doing what was best for Lazarus and the kids okay?"

"Don't try that one either." I whispered, walking away slowly. "I know what I did. I pay for that every day."

She got up, just as I turned away, but as I threw her she was in front. Turns out she was going to see Lazarus too. "Piss off,” she growled.

"I was going there anyway thank you."

She bristled, "just leave him alone, okay? It's bad enough he still can't fucking move on without you showing up and making things worse"

"Oh? And you're gonna be the one that makes that okay are you? The one that will sweep him off his feet?"

"No. I already have a mate. But I'm doing my best to help him out."

"Well leave him alone.”

"Why should I leave him alone?"

"Because I will fight you, I will resist you in every way until you do." I sighed, then mumbled, "because I want him back."

"Listen, Melissa, there's no way you can stop me from visiting. I practically raised the kids - I care about them like they're my own."

I stopped, "I know... you know what, go on. I don't deserve to be there." I took off my blindfold, wrung it out and placed it back on my eyes, "Go."

She sighed, "You have a right to visit your children, but you lost your right to visit Lazarus when you broke his heart. I'll ask them if they want to see you"

"You can't speak for Lazarus. You can't. We... we fought for everything... I didn't plan to be away so long, just time to think. But then, it all blew out of proportion and then Kito got involved..."

"I'm not speaking for him. I'm telling you what he's told me several times over the last eighteen years."

"It wasn't meant to be like this! Why am I explaining myself to you? I don't know you!"

She shrugged, "Get lost before I decide to kill somebody," I snarled, turning to her.

The End

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