Who was that?Mature

Lucas has finally left his room by the time I manage to get back in. So I lied a little bit and said I only had ten minutes to get to work, when I have a whole hour, but whatever.

"Who was that?" he asks through a mouthful of... whatever that is he's put in his sandwich. Whatever it is, it smells nasty.

"Was it the person who had the wrong address again?" Annie questions, both of them following me into the living room.

"It was..." I flop onto the sofa, wondering what to tell them, "it was your mother," I sigh, "she wants to see you."

"Oh. Why'd she come back?" Lucas talks with his mouth full again. I glower at him until he swallows and repeats the question.

"Better. And I don't know. She was the one that wanted to leave," I shrug. I'd never wanted her to leave. But I'd wanted even less to kill her. And besides, that's what you do, isn't it? If you love something, you let it go. If it loves you, it'll come back to you. I frown slightly. Is this her coming back to me? I twist the golden band on my finger absently. I'd put it back on after she'd asked me to kill her. Well, after I'd stopped being near suicidal anyway.

I'd not taken it off since then either. Because, technically, we're still married. I still have her ring, in the box that I'd presented her engagement ring to her in. I suppose if she ever wants it back, I'll give it to her. It's up to her what she does with it. Leah stole her dress though. I don't think she'll be getting that back.

I blink, realising that I'd been doing that for a few minutes now, and that Annie's giving me this concerned look.

"I'm fine," I tell her, but neither of them look like they believe me, "stop looking at me like I need to go see a shrink."

"I'm not looking at you like you need to go see a shrink!" she protests.

"You do; you've picked that look up off of Leah," I grumble.

"Leave the old man to wallow," Lucas chuckles, "he's supposed to be getting ready for work anyway. Did you get that composition done in the end?"

"Near enough," I shrug, "kinda hard to work on stuff at home when they won't let me take a copy of the film back so I can see what's going on."

"Yeah, well you never know... you might steal it and pirate it online!" he laughs and Annie smiles.

"As if I'd pirate that piece of crap. Annie, I need you to translate the next one I'm doing too."

"You really need to learn French, dad," she shakes her head, but I know she doesn't mind. She wants to do translating as a career. Lucas... I think Lucas would rather sit around and smoke weed, but there you go. Though he has mentioned a few times that he could direct a better film than half the ones I've composed for him.

I just smile, "you love me really." She nods and hums an ‘mmm'. "Anyway," I push myself up and put my arms around their shoulders, walking from the room with them, "you two need to go do homework or revise, and I need to go to work. If you're going out tonight, actually let me know for once, don't get so drunk you can't remember where you live and remember that you're not too old to be grounded so don't waste your money on drugs." I let go of them and smile again, ignoring their eye rolling as I walk back upstairs, narrowly avoiding their counter lecture of ‘we're eighteen, dad, stop lecturing us'. 


The End

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