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"Lucas, get the door!" I yell. I'm still in bed, and ever so slightly tipsy. I know, I know, it's pathetic, but my alcohol problem is a lot better than it was when the kids were toddlers. But I'd had another dream about her last night. Well, I'd call them more nightmares if it weren't for the fact that they were pretty much just memories of when we were together.

Annie walks in, takes one look at me and demands to know where I've hidden the whiskey from her. "I didn't hide it anywhere. Go do your homework. It's your last year at school, you need the grades to get into uni." She doesn't budge. "Go, shoo," I wave her away, pushing myself up. She rolls her eyes and wanders off, but I doubt it's to do her homework.

I wait til she's gone before I take the whiskey bottle from under the bed and hide it under one of the floorboards. She hasn't found that place yet. "Lucas!" I shout, "get the fucking door!" I hear Annie tut as she re-emerges from her room.

"I'll get it then, shall I?" I say as she goes and knocks on Lucas' door. I grumble my way downstairs to the front door. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that part. We moved house when the kids where about five. I had another wolf living with me at the time too - his name was David. He helped me with the alcoholism and kept me sane, but ultimately, he wasn't ready to be looking after kids and we split up after a couple of years. Since then, Kito's had one of the other wolves, Leah, help me out sometimes. She's a mother herself and taught me how to raise them into pretty level headed kids. She's not over so often now that they're all grown up and getting ready to bugger off and leave me on my own again, but she'll drop by and say hello sometimes.

So anyways, thinking that it's probably Leah, I drag myself to the front door and open it, expecting to get an instant lecture on how early in the day it is and I'm already drinking.

But imagine my surprise, and then anger, when I see Melissa standing there, her back to the door as though she's about to leave. She looks different, but even from here, I know it's her. I just close the door again and do my best to keep my expression neutral.

"Who was it?" Annie asks from the top of the stairs. I smile.

"Wrong address."


The End

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