Moonlight's Sequel.Mature

A follow up to the Dark Music trilogy. Can't very well end on an unhappy ending, can we?

It had been about eighteen years since I left, I had no choice. I understand why I did it, but it hurt too much and to think there was no fight left in Lazarus to hold me back... I just left. He had no want for me to stay, despite the tears in his eyes. I had missed my son and daughters life, but I don’t regret it, life was too short for that.

Well, I’m immortal, I understand that. But I’ve been too close to death these past years. I wrapped the white cloth back around my eyes again, covering up the scar over my left eye. I thought those eye-patches were stupid, so I just wore this. I always had my sense of smell and hearing to guide me anyway; the story behind it? Well, I got into a fight with an alpha a lot stronger than Kito. The wound didn’t heal as well as I thought it would, the silver cross around my neck stopped that.

The cross? Well, it was my punishment for leaving everything behind, for abandoning my children and husband. Till death do we part right?

I looked up; this was where I was brought after so long. So much would have changed; I just hope Lazarus found the strength to move on. I didn’t deserve to get him back. Oh Lazarus, I’m so sorry what I did to you.

I pulled my cloak tighter around myself, its blue silk shimmering in the light sun, my brown hair floating back on the light wind. I wish I had died back then, but both people that had saved me from death were dead themselves; Logan and Albert. But now, the one person that made my life worth living was pushed so far away I didn’t expect to get him back.

So why was I here? At the house of the person I abandoned so long ago? I wanted to apologise, he held my life in his hands. Only he could kill me, so was my final wish. But my resistance to death taught me a lot. It taught me how to fight, how to live again. Even though the only life I knew included getting rid of wolves and vampires for different Alphas. It wasn’t glamorous but it got me by and taught me how to survive.

My wolf and I were closer now, she shared my name and when I changed, we ran together. I was raised from the pup I was to the fully-fledged killer I am now. I’m finally living up to the blood-sucking leech everybody painted me out to be. Now all I wished was to see how my children had grown and to finally apologise to Lazarus. I didn’t want him to take me back, that would have been stupid. I just wanted him to be on an even field with me.

But after all these years I realise that now he could have gotten to the point where he could kill me and for that, I must be careful.

I walked up the path, and knocked on the door before sheepishly stepping back and hiding my face. Though there was nothing left to see, I was blind and my hair was a bit longer, it now fell to my middle back and bangs covered the sides of my face. I lifted my face again and pulled my cloak comfortingly around myself.

Oh Lazarus... I can’t do this.

I turned on my heels and took a step away from the house, why was I even here anyway? What would I hope this would achieve? He wouldn’t forgive me and I could accept that. I had to...

The End

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