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As she sat in her bedroom, staring blankly at the yellowed book before her she did not absorb its words, instead she sighed in despair. She laid the book still open on the page she never got to read on her bed and rose to her feet. She opened the door to her room and whistled; Apollo rose and looked up at her before scampering off. As much as she loved him, there were still some moments she wished to be alone for.

She swallowed and closed the door behind the last swish of Apollo’s tail. “Maybe they were right...” she muttered to herself before walking over to the window and opening it.

She allowed the sweet summer air caress her skin, bringing with it the smell of apples ripening on the orchard just beyond the city. Her eyes then moved up to the cloudless blanket that encased the world, embroidered with shattered diamond fragments and a singular, giant pearl. Though it was mostly shadowed and covered she smiled up at the crescent as if it was smiling right back.

“I’m a monster an embodiment of sin; of lust, wrath, greed and covetousness.  A beast, a taker of souls and a destroyer of lives, I have taken more lives than I care to remember. Yet now, even as I gaze up into the night sky that has given birth to me as this...creature, I see not the beauty I used to. Perhaps I should not be as afraid of the cross upon my back as I am, it is a mark and a memory and the scar should be remembered, it is justice. Repentance. For all my sin in this life I shall remember the lord’s name and how I am still a creature of his making...”

She drew back from the window, instead turning and leaning against it, “yet I shun his existence! I wish not to think that he is judging me, that he sees everything here and requests for my eternal damnation in the fires of the unholy place. I am no beast; I am nothing like Lucian and this coven. I wish to be like the old noble vampires before vampires were publicised and their pride drove them to become monsters of vanity. Them... I speak as if I am not one of them, I was born within the nineteenth century and I speak as if I am not immortal!”

She slammed the window shut and growled, collapsing to the floor and holding her head in anger and hatred of herself, “I seek more repentance for my sins, to wash the blood from my hands with the holiest of waters to wish that I could only become clean again. But nigh, I am a creature of blood and anger, such a thing is impossible. I seek only now, revenge. Revenge for those that have fallen by my hand, I shall not commit the greatest sin and walk out into the light of day, but I shall bring the light to this coven. It is here that sin is abundant...”

She took the book up in her hands and after caressing the page she closed it softly, “Lucian will die by my hand.”

Reaching up she placed the book back into its place. She blew the candles out and let out a deep sigh. Then, opening the door, she ushered Apollo out of her room before following him. She gazed around the foyer; Lucian was sat on the stairs telling another one of his ‘amazing lectures’. She could tell the new childe every word he was about to say as he rounded it off to an end. “Death is such a beautiful thing, it is crude, raw. A passionate embrace, a fitting end for a life lived. It should be savoured to each moment, it is only fitting that we; being the creatures of beauty that we are, should experience it every day.” He stood gracefully and descended the stairs leaving the childe in awe. She rolled her eyes and followed him down the stairs; she made for the main doors before Lucian turned sharply on his heels.

“Where are you going Roxanne? Not to your human I hope,” his voice was stone cold, but his face was warm and deceiving. She shook her head softly, sending her hair into a gentle flurry around her face. He looked at her for a moment longer, scanning her face for any trace of deception before nodding, motioning for her to leave.

Her journey was a short one and indeed she was telling no lie. She was in fact going to the blacksmith; although his skills as a blacksmith were no longer needed he now dealt in more delicate wears, jewellery.

She opened the door to the musky old shop; the walls were lined with dusty, old, empty shelves. A small bell welcomed any person that stepped through the un-painted door, though her guess was no one did anymore. She glided over to the counter and leant on the surface, watching intently as a spider scurried past.

Behind it sat a heavily-muscled man with black hair; he was leant in an old rocking chair with his feet up on the counter, a newspaper folded on his bare chest. Roxanne smiled and coughed into her hand, ringing the rusted gold bell on the counter. The man woke with a start, his emerald green eyes scanning the shop before settling on Roxanne.

“Oh, hello,” he moaned, sitting up with an unhappy and unwelcoming groan. “What do you want, leech?”

Roxanne sighed, “I didn’t mean to intrude Alexander, but I have a special request,” she muttered taking a step back.

Alexander however leant forward, an eyebrow raised, “go on, but make it quick,” it was obvious that his attention was grabbed, though his hospitality did not improve.

“I want a necklace, a silver cross.”

Roxanne need say no more, Alexander looked confused and curious before laughing and leaning back in his chair, “you’re either stupid or you have a death wish. Perhaps it’s both.” Roxanne shook her head.

“That is my problem, this is your job. Please, Mr. Blackwood, I have asked nothing of you before and I assure you this request is no concern of Lucian’s.” The man looked at her and then smiled slightly before nodding.

“Come back tomorrow, it shall be done.”

The End

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