Roxanne turned to see the pianist stood behind her, his coal black curls bounced as he tilted his head slightly to get a better look at her. “Roxanne.” He smiled as she looked up at him he took a seat next to her and ordered a drink, seeing she already had one he never bothered to ask. She thought about talking to him back but the thought of him so close bought a slight blush to her cheeks. “Are you going to speak?” He asked his voice as soft and gentle as the music he played. She nodded and smiled her gaze fixed firmly on her glass of wine. The pianist laughed and thanked the barman as he put down his drink. Roxanne looked to it and noted that he had ordered the same as her.

“Do you like my music?” He asked, determined to make her talk. She nodded again, her smile growing wider. He noticed the subtle blush on her cheeks and mirrored her soft smile. “Am I embarrassing you?” She shook her head, her blush deepening. Her artificial heartbeat became faster as he hooked a finger under her chin, turning her face so he could see her eyes. “Then why are you blushing?” She shrugged her shoulders, unable to take her eyes from his. “You don’t talk much do you?” He returned his hand to his glass and her face fell, but she looked away so he couldn’t see. She muttered to herself under her breath then turned to him.

“I...I never caught your name.” She murmured.

“Alistair.” He smiled, happy that she had decided to talk. “My name is Alistair.” She practically burned it into her memory. “Alistair.” She mumbled to herself and he laughed. “You come here every night without fail, you order the same drink then leave it by the bar and every night you leave with a different man.” She paused, frozen and nodded simply. “Why?” He asked, curiously but his voice was underlined with sorrow. She traced her finger round the edge of her glass.

“I can’t say.” She mumbled and the blush began to reappear in her cheeks. “But, I don’t do anything with them.”

He nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. “Good. Although,” he paused, looking at her, even though her face was turned, fixed on her drink again. “If you don’t do anything with them then why do you find a different man every night?” He asked, still bemused.

She sighed and turned even paler than the deathly white she already was. “I still can’t tell you that and I don’t want to lie to you.” She sighed unhappily and looked once more into his eyes. “I have to go. I’m sorry.” She bowed her head politely and made a quick ascent up the stairs.

“Wait!” He called after her, the distress in his voice making Roxanne freeze. She heard his footsteps behind her and sighed. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend,” he pleaded, “please. Stay.”  His warm hand caught hers and she turned. “You’re so... cold.” He murmured. “Here, have my jacket.” He smiled, not even thinking about it twice he took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around her.

She thanked him and shook her head firmly, refusing to be sent into another dream state. “But I must go, my family is waiting.” She smiled; taking his jacket off her shoulders she held it out for him. He shook his head as she had done and told her to keep it before he leant toward her, kissing her cheek softly.

When he pulled away she touched her cheek where his lips had been and smiled. “Thank you.”

He nodded, “let me walk you home.” He offered, to which Roxanne’s eyes widened and she protested firmly.

“No. My father would not allow it.” She sighed, realising she was lying to him even though she said she wouldn’t. “Father? More like Lucian. And he would kill me. He would kill me just for being here now.” She thought, cursing him silently in her head. “Please, just let me go.” She whispered, her mousey voice growing even quieter. Alistair stood and nodded dumbly, wondering what he had done wrong. She cursed herself and told him it was all her fault before she dropped his jacket back into his hands and made her quick exit. Not even giving him another chance to ask her to stay.

She whistled for Apollo to follow her and they ran the rest of the way to the coven house. It was only when she reached the gates she realised what awaited her behind them. Lucian. He would surely punish her for disobeying him; she sighed and took a deep breath. The gates swung open and she walked forward, as she had guessed Lucian already stood in the doorway, barring her path. She told Apollo to go upstairs and wait for her and the dog let out a small whimper before obeying her. Lucian moved out the way for the dog then held up a hand, beckoning her closer.

His shirt was even more torn, suggesting foul play on behalf of the human.  Desire hid behind the smoke of anger in his foggy grey eyes. The zip on his trousers was broken but his russet brown hair was still perfectly combed back. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she noticed lipstick marks on his neck, the perfectly shaped ruby red lips that belonged to the brunette haired human he had left with.   

She followed the direction of his icy hand and looked into his deep grey eyes. “Where were you, have you drunk, what of the pianist?” He didn’t even wait for an answer before he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his chest. She knew that his touch would enhance his ability to read her mind but she couldn’t move from his tight embrace. “Alistair...” he grinned, seeing his name firmly imprinted on her mind. “Oh and a kiss,” his grin became wider, “he’s such a gentleman.” Roxanne closed her eyes, fighting back the sickness in her stomach.

“You directly disobeyed me.” He looked down at her, releasing her from his arms. “You will be punished,” she hung her head. “If you hadn’t gone off with the nearest human whore you would have been able to observe me better.” She thought and instantly regretted it.

The End

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