Moonlight Wine

I dunno

The angelic shadow descended the stairs into the bar area. She gently ran a hand through her golden silk hair making the heads of all the men turn toward her. She smiled, slightly revealing her shimmering white teeth. Her gold-green eyes scanned the room, looking for her next victim. Her red dress dipped into a low V at the front, showing a fair amount of her skin that was as pale as moonlight.

The bar instantly recognised her presence, the men frozen with desire, the women frozen in awe. All turned their heads to see the immortal beauty that was walking through their ranks; all but one. The pianist sat at the ebony piano playing his sweet melody to the drunken souls that drifted about in front of him. Instead of swooning to her side he sighed and whispered her name, recognising her without even looking up. “Roxanne.”

She lifted her head at the sound of her name, but persisted with her evaluation of the crowd of men now persistently asking her name. She let out a long sigh, tired of the same old charade every night. “Pick a man, seduce, abandon.” Her tiring routine ran circles in her mind. She would spend the night sat with a glass of red wine at the bar and gather the courage to talk to him; she would never get there and end up with some old punter asking her if she wanted a drink. She rolled her eyes and glided toward the bar where she ordered a glass of red wine. The same glass of wine that would be abandoned at the end of the night and never lifted to her cherry red lips, just nursed, a fragile finger caressing the rim of the glass. A glance, toward him, the pianist, but no more; just a glance.

She sighed again, her soft tenor floating across the room making it fall silent. She tilted her head toward the men that had edged their seats to face her and shook it in dismay as she rose from her seat. At the sudden break of routine even the pianist stopped, turning to look at her for a moment their eyes met. Her golden green eyes met his dark blue orbs and she was lost within his gaze. He was the first to break it and she let out another withdrawn sigh, sorrow lining her breath as she ascended the staircase again.

She walked past the reception area of the hotel that lay above the underground bar, nodding slightly as the receptionist bid her farewell, another nod to the doorman who let out a faint whistle as she neared him. “Hey!” She heard hollered after her when she was already half-way down the street. “Hey!” The voice persisted, she ignored it even when she heard footsteps running after her thinking it was one of the drunken men she repeated the words “ignorance is bliss,” within her head.
“Roxanne!” The man cried, catching her arm.

She stopped and spun on the spot, time slowing as she caught those blue eyes again. “What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing her dazed expression. She shook her head softly and pulled her arm from his gentle grip before carrying on her walking. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked standing dumbly, watching her leave.

She stopped again, turning. “Of course.” She whispered, letting a soft smile spread across her lips she tried not to let her eyes betray the love she had for him. The man returned the smile and disappeared, turning his back to her. She too turned, continuing on her path and although she couldn’t see the man turned, gazing over his shoulder, watching the beauty glide from his view. Her shimmering honey locks gliding behind her in the subtle summer breeze.

The coven house was only a few streets away, but she enjoyed the walk a smile imprinted on her face as she gazed up at the moon; it hung in a crescent as if mirroring her smile. She thought about the pianist, his deep blue eyes and gorgeous coal black curls that sat in a flurry upon his head. His voice was gentle and smooth. Her daze seemed to make the journey home twice as quick because before she knew it she stood at the looming iron gates. The lonely guard saw her coming and they had already begun to slide open. The awful squeak they made instantly snapped her out of her dream, making the corner of her lips tug downwards as she lost the image of her beloved.

Her frown only deepened when the mansion doors were opened to reveal none other than Lucian himself. Lucian La Croix was head of the coven and all the girls adored him. Roxanne simply looked at him with cool, icy eyes. Any encounter with Lucian, for her, was a bad encounter.  “Roxanne. You’re home early.” He grinned and winked. “Not that I’m complaining.” She sighed and took a step forward.

“Excuse me,” she whispered.

Lucian put a hand against her face and pushed her hair behind her ear, kissing her cheek softly. “Roxie, you really gonna deny me what I want?” He smiled, his hand lingering on her cheek.

She cringed and moved away from his touch. “Excuse me, please,” she muttered again. Lucian stepped back, allowing her entrance.

He stood tall, looming over her fragile form. His toned body covered by a black suit, his jacket undone showing a shirt that dipped to the middle of his chest, exposing his flesh. Roxanne sighed as he held out a hand, stopping her from walking forward. “What’s wrong?” He asked, hooking a finger beneath her chin, pulling her head round to face him. She stared up at him with her mournful eyes and shook her head, trying to keep away from staring into his storm cloud grey eyes. She knew he was reading her mind and even she could not defend her pianist from flickering into his view.

Instantly his eyes turned cloudy with rage and Roxanne flinched; “a human!” Lucian snarled, loathing the competition. “May I remind you fraternising with humans is against coven rules? He shall remain a pianist. You understand?” He demanded, not waiting for an answer before storming off. Muttering curses beneath his breath. Roxanne stood, dumbly watching as the milling vampires turned to see what had just happened. She sighed and moved a hand to her neck, wrapping it around the sapphire that hung there, the colour reflecting that of her pianist’s eyes. She knew Lucian was right, that bad things would happen if she continued; but she feared worse would come if she denied her heart any longer.

The End

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