Moonlight Warriors: Rose Winsthrop

A fourteen year old girl will do whatever it takes to save her love from the pack she is the leader of. Rose will do whatever it takes to protect the man she loves. A dedicated leader, a human man. Will she save him?

My heart races as your arms reach out to me. I smile before
your soft, smooth lips meet mine. Then, I am suddenly shoved back into the
deadly real world. My teacher glares down at me, a hint of shame in her eyes. I
retreat to the wonders of my book that I am currently reading. My shoulders
tense as I still feel her eyes burning holes in my back. I look up to see my
teacher with glowing red eyes and lava dripping from her deadly fangs. Quickly,
I grab her hand and twist her around, slamming her to a desk. She hisses and
lunges at me brining me down.

“My, my Rose, what have you gotten
yourself into?”

 Anger fills into me and I growl low, my bright
blue eyes glow golden as I shift into a massive beast. A werewolf is what you
may call it, but we call ourselves the Moonlight Warriors. Sharp black spikes
protrude from my spine as I grow to a midnight black, eight foot tall wolf. A
wisp of fear appears in her eyes, but quickly vanishes.

Winsthrop, you will die! Now!” the dragon lady screeches.

I tense and growl low as she pounces at me. At the last
second I open my jaws and slam them around her waist. Instantly it crushes her
and she crumbles to red dust in my jaws. I cough and spit out the toxic dust
and shift human. All the other students must have left.

they saw nothing,” I murmur to myself. As I walk, my boots crunch on the dead
woman’s remains. A slight smile spreads across my lips as I exit the hellish
school. Alarms blare, but I calmly float from the murder scene. My name echo’s
to the world, but I block it out. Once I reach the dark confinements of the
woods, I shift to my true form. I run, just run for miles without even looking
back. I’ve destroyed what I must, but I can no longer stay.

            “But what
about him?” I think to myself,” He won’t miss me. I have to keep going. I can’t
turn back now.” I take a deep breath and suddenly his scent fills my nose. I
phase back to my human form and crash into a tree. Leaves slowly fall to the
ground and Eli looks at me. His black hair hides his eyes, but I can tell that
he’s finally spotted me. My eyes graze around the area for an escape route, but
nothing comes in my view. Eli keeps his eyes on me and walks forward. Soon he’s
right there, an arms length away.

whispers, “Well hello my beautiful Rose.”

            I murmur,
“Hello Eli. What are you doing out here so late?”

            “Well I
heard about what happened to our school. I see you made it out okay.”

            “Yes, yes I

Unexpectedly Eli embraces me. The warmth of his body covers
me and I let loose a breath of happiness. He pulls me away and looks into my

don’t be mad.”

            I stutter,”
I wont be. Never.”

Eli closes his eyes and pulls me closer. His face closes in
ever so closer, but finally I just reach up and kiss him. His lips linger on
mine for a while. Eli pulls me closer to his body, his arms wrapped tighter
around my body. I reach my hands and tie them around his neck, passionetly
kissing the man I love. Feeling his grip loosen, I retreat from his kiss, but
slowly. Our breathing is both hard, but soft. Heat bubbles up to my face. Eli’s
pale skin is red as well.

            His voice softly says, “ Well, Rose.
I think I love you.”

            I nod in
agreement to his statement.  Suddenly the
bushes shake and my body tenses. I shove Eli behind me, his eyes widen in bewilderment.

            “Stay low,

He nods as the noises creep ever so closer. Then a
stunningly beautiful massive white wolf appears. I bow as the leader stands
before me. Eli gasps, but I lay a comforting hand on him. I step away and
mutter, “Eli, please still love me.” I change into my wolf form and lower my
head to my queen.

            Eli says,
“I will always love you.”

I smile, well in my way. Then I turn to face Lara.

            “Rose, what
are you doing here with a human?”

            “I love
him, Lara. We can trust him with this”

Eli stares at us like he’s trying to comprehend what we are
saying. To him we sound like dogs.

            “This is
unacceptable, Rose. We must dispose of him. He cannot be changed. Only by she
who loves him. Don’t put that poor boy’s soul in Hell, Rose. Kill him instead.”

            “No. No. I
won’t change him or kill him.”

            She growls
low, “Then I will!”

Lara leaps at Eli, but I slam into her sending her flying to
a tree. She stands and shakes of the debri. Venom drips from her deadly sharp
wolf teeth, but stronger venom leaks from mine. A loud growl rumbles deep from
within my chest. Lara runs at me, but I side step and slash her stomach. She
whips around towards me. I lash my tail at her, driving deadly spikes into her
side. I rip them out as Lara falls.

            “I’m the
true leader! Bella was my mother!” I shout at her dying body.

            “What you
speak is true, Rose.” Her eyes fade to a grey as the beautiful white wolf dies.

            I look down
and shift human only to find my stomach bleeding uncontrollably. Eli runs to me
and rips of a chunk of his shirt and tends to the wound.

            I smile,
“Thank you, love.”

            He murmurs,
“ Anything for you, m’lady.”

The blood quickly stains his shirt. I hold my hand to my
stomach keeping the required pressure.

            “We need to
get you to a hospital, now.” Eli frantically searches around for a hospital,
but I put my hands on his and whisper, “I’ll be fine. It’s going to heal in a
matter of minutes. Trust me, Eli.”

            “But Rose…”

            “Eli, trust
me. Please.”

because I love you.”

I let my hair fall into my face as I hide the redness the
flourishes across my skin. Eli grabs my hand, but my eyes remain hidden. My
heart keeps racing, only when he is near. The images of what happened fly
around in my head keeping me alert and wary. Eli senses my distress and wraps a
firm arm around my waist pulling me close to him. I hear howls in the distance
and quickly walk Eli to his home, making sure that he is well protected.

back to the darkness, groups of  wolves
begin to surround me. I watch as they bare their teeth in my direction.

            I shout to
them, “Lara was never your true leader! I am the daughter of Bella herself!”

Prove to us the power that she held is circulating through your veins.”

I take a deep breath and blood
red markings appear on my arms, the markings of the true ones. Gasps flutter
around me like a butterflies wings. Then, I change into my form. My eyes glow
like embers, and the spikes twinkle from the moonlight.

growl, “Is this enough proof for you, Mackenzie?”

She bows to me as do the other
wolves. Tilting my head up, I begin the howling that welcomes a new ruler. Soon
enough everyone joins with me.

 Its not finished yet -_-

The End

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