Moonlight teaser 1-Olivia's nightmare.

A teaser preview of a part in Moonlight, by Cereen Sinclaire.
Olivia, after a terrible second day at Kent Island High School, falls asleep, waking up after a terrible nightmare of being held hostage while watching a woman get stabbed by a mysterious figure.

After School-

When we got home, I went straight to my room, throwing my things on the floor, kicking off my shoes, and just plopping down on the bed. Confusion, mixed with anger and sadness over swept all my emotions, causing stressed tears to fall down on my cheeks. Not exactly sad tears, or angry tears. Nostalgic tears. I wanted to go back to Illinois, where I could be with my grandmother in her old, cozy house. Where I could go to a large enough school where people didn’t know I was there. And when I thought of how I could never go back with her, how she could never comfort me, how I could never go back to her comfortable home, where I’d lived my whole life, more tears began to sting my eyes. I’d lived my whole life without a mother or father–at least the life I remember now–and the one person who did understand me was now gone. I felt all alone.

I closed my eyes, just letting my sob escape. I didn’t care if Colleen heard me or not. Just letting all the previous events catch up with me. Soon, I felt like I was floating. A lifeless piece of nothing, just hovering through the air.

Suddenly, the room seemed to change, and the sun went down, disappearing behind a thick, wooden wall, small beams of its light escaping from the cracks in between each plank. I was watching as someone in front of me squirmed in a chair, their back towards me, muffling moans and cries.

I tried to get my eyes to focus, but they burned from the dust that floated around the room. My neck stung as I tried to strain it in a way I could see better.

It was a woman, whose body was strapped into a metal chair. I could tell by her frustrated groans that her mouth was covered too.

I tried to get up, to help her, but my wrists wouldn’t budge. I looked down at them. Thin, copper wires confined them to a long table. I tried to call out to the woman, but my mouth was also covered. By a scratchy fabric that stung the creases of my mouth each time I opened it.

I attempted to free myself, when raspy footsteps made me freeze. The woman in front of me started to sob as a tall figure approached her. I gasped, as the figure took out something long, pointy and shiny, that caught the reflection of the sun through the beams, and flashed in my direction. A knife?

“Are you enjoying this?” The figure spoke. His voice was like rough sandpaper.

A few cries from the chair made him snicker. “I know. You want to leave.” He laughed, a deep, throaty laugh that made her chest vibrate, and a tingle run down her spine. “You can not.” he said in a soft whisper.

“It is too late for her. And for you. And for your little mut friends that will try to help her.”

I watched in horror as he raised the knife in front of him, examining it. Whimpers started up from the woman in the chair.

“If you had only acquired what I had asked. So little. Just one little girl. But no. You could not. And now, I am forced to do what is needed.” he turned around, his back towards the woman. “But I guess it makes things a little more fun.”

He raised his arm, stretching it out towards the woman, taking a lock of curly hair in his fingers. The woman tried her best to pull her head away, but he held it in his grip.

“You resist, sweet.” He said, dropping her hair, and walking in front of her. “Why? Why does everyone resist me so? And yet, I always win. Pity for you.”

He took the knife,raising it in front of him, making it disappear in front of his shadow. The woman gasped and moaned, painfully as it slid across her neck slowly.

“Shh...” he whispered. “No need to wake the little one now.” He raised the knife in the air, the woman breathing hard and audibly, and flung it towards the lady, a loud ripping sound making the hairs on my arms stand up.

In horror, I started to scream behind the cloth over my mouth. I closed my eyes, then flung them open, a piercing scream ripping through the air, making me sit up quickly. The room around me was now pitch black, and I could see nothing but the moon that glowed brightly outside my bedroom window. The screaming stopped, and my throat began to ache. I realized I was the one screaming, when my door burst open. Colleen ran to me, her face full of fear.

“Olivia? Olivia, sweety! Are you okay?” She rubbed her hands over my face, sweeping my hair out from my eyes.

I swallowed, looking around the room, confused. “Yeah. I-I’m fine. I just…” Just what? I wondered. “had a bad dream.”

Colleen exhaled, relieved. “ Oh, god, Olivia. You scared the living daylights out of me.” She put her hand over her chest. “I thought you were dying.”

I immediately felt embarrassed. I had no idea what had just happened.

“Well do you think you can go back to sleep?” she asked.

I looked over at the alarm clock next to my bed. It was pretty late. “Yeah. I’m pretty sure I can.”

“Okay.” Colleen said. “Well, good night.” She smiled. “I hope you dream of something better this time.”

“Thanks.” Colleen walked out, closing the door behind her.

I sighed, grabbing my pillow, which was thrown off the bed, and threw it underneath my head. I was almost afraid of going back to sleep. I didn’t know what I would dream about next. What was my dream about, anyway? I wondered.

I closed my eyes, trying to see if it was possible for me too catch a few more Z’s before the sun came up. I managed to doze off a few times, before my alarm clock went off, hailing the next school day with unnecessary cheer.

The End

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