Charles and his partner continued to cause unrest in the village. It was getting annoying but he was getting closer to our house and I started to get nervous.

"Everything will be fine," Erik said as we got ready one morning. "When he comes, just let me do the talking. I have dealt with men like him before."

I nodded and rubbed my eyes. "Erik, I think I need to feed again."

He frowned as he bit into his wrist. I drank until I felt my stomach settle. He looked into my eyes.

"You are very pale," he said in concern. "Perhaps you should remain in bed until we find out why you are so ill."

"You have not heard from Ilya yet?"

"No," he said. "But Yorkshire is far from here."

I was about to answer when we both smelled him, our heads snapping to the door. I ran to Kendra's room. She was giggling as she played with Cami.

"Stay in here," I said and she looked up.

"Why?" she asked.

"Do as I say, Kendra," I said firmly.

"Okay," she said nervously and I shut her door just as Charles knocked on ours.

I went into the parlor as Erik opened the door.

"Hello," Charles said stiffly. "May I come in?"

"Of course," Erik said, stepping to the side. "See? Is this not easier than harassing me in the market square?"

Charles just sat in an armchair uninvited. That irritated me but I did my best to keep my mouth shut. He smirked at me as Erik sat beside me.

"Well, you have a lovely home," Charles observed.

"Thank you," Erik said. "My wife has excellent taste."

"Your name is Camille, yes?" he asked me and I nodded. "That's interesting. You see, Duke Abbott's daughter's name is Camille."

"Is that so?" I asked.

"Yes. She's been missing for ten years; that's when the vampires first started attacking."

I laughed. "Are you trying to say you think I am Camille Abbott?" I asked.

"You do have the same first name."

I rolled my eyes. "Of course I am not her. I was a little girl ten years ago."

"Unless you're a vampire," he said, leaning forward. "In which case, you wouldn't have aged."

I arched a brow but didn't answer. He turned back to Erik.

"What's your favorite meal?" he asked suddenly.

"Whatever my wife makes," he said.

"If you had to choose," Charles said with a roll of his eyes.

Erik shrugged. "I would have to say lamb, then."

"I wouldn't think you'd get a lot of lamb all the way out here."

"It depends."

Charles leaned back again. "They say you were in London when the attacks happened nearly two weeks ago," he said.

"Yes, we were," Erik said.

"What were you doing there?" Charles demanded.

"A vacations," Erik answered.

"You were there for the attacks," he said. "What did you see?"

"No one," Erik said. "We were in the lower east side."

"Why when you surely could afford a more beautiful hotel?"

"We like to travel modestly."

I was amazed how easily Erik was lying to him.

"You haven't spoken much, Mrs. Moreau," Charles said.

"You have been speaking with my husband," I said. "Of course I have not."

"How did you know vampires' eyes turn red when they're mad?" he demanded of me.

"You practically gave it away in the market," I snapped. "Please. I am sick and growing weary of your foolish questions."

"Are you ill or are you getting nervous?" he asked, his eyes glinting.

A door opened upstairs and we heard running feet. I jumped up.

"Leave them alone!" Kendra said.

"Kendra, I told you to stay upstairs!" I said. "Go back now."

"Kendra?" Charles breathed. "Is that really you?"

Kendra pushed my hands off of her as I tried to get her back upstairs.

"They were in London to adopt me, okay?" she snapped. "Now leave them alone!"

Charles looked at us then started to smile at me. I frowned.

"It would seem that lovely necklace of yours has slipped," he said quietly and my hand jumped to my throat. "I see a small... scar there."

"I was careless," I said.

He looked at my arms. "It's rather warm in here. Why are you wearing those?"

"They are a gift from my husband," I said.

"I bet if you take that right one off, we'll see a scar."

I shook my head. "You are being ridiculous. You have your answers. Now leave."

His eyes went to Kendra. "I'll make a deal," he whispered. "You return my daughter to me and I'll leave you alone."

Erik stood beside her and put his arm around her shoulders.

"No," he said. "She is staying with us."

Suddenly, Charles reached over and pulled my sleeves off. I tried not to react as he grabbed my arm. He grinned triumphantly.

"Yes! I've found you!" he shouted.

I rolled my eyes again and pushed him away from me, covering the scar.

"Do not be stupid," I snapped. "You are basing this off of simple household accidents."

He snatched my necklace off and I stopped Erik from doing anything. If we were careful then I could get us out of this. Charles got a whistle out from under his shirt and I heard Erik hiss quietly. Charles blew into it and I cringed.


Charles grabbed my arm and pulled me to the door.

"No!" Kendra cried. "No, stop it! Leave her alone!"

"Do not worry about me, Kendra," I said.

"I have found it!" Charles shouted as he dragged me into the rain. It was starting to thunder as people stopped and stared. "I have found the vampire responsible!"

"You are stupid," I snapped, pulling on his arm.

"Stop!" Gertrude yelled, running out. "Stop it this instant! You let her go!"

"This is the vampire!"

"She's not a vampire," she argued as Charles pushed me into a cage on a cart.

"It is okay," I said and looked at the house.

Erik was keeping Kendra from running to me.

"Remember the gift!" I shouted to Kendra over the thunder. The cart lurched forward. "I will be all right. Just remember the gift!"

The End

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