Moonlight Serenade

Set in America, in the 1940s, Charlie, secretly the hero Revolver, must do his best to maintain hope in a war-torn America with the possibility that he may have to join the war.

Part 1 - Moonlight Serenade

"Charlie! Been waitin' for you all day, where've you been?"

"Sorry fella's, got a little caught up at work,"

"Don't mind Benny, he's been anxious as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs since the news came out, as we all have. Here got you a drink, figured you could use one about now."

"Thanks Artie."

All three lads sat at their table in the corner. Of all, Charlie was the second tallest, with dark hair perpetually covered by a black fedora and a small moustache. His dark eyes peered out from under his hats shadow, constantly surveying and learning. He had a calming, intelligent demeanour that was apparent by the conservative way that he dressed. He wore a black suit and tie all buttoned up with high waisted trousers. 

Benny, who was the smallest (but still somewhat tall) had dark brown hair parted on one side in a wavy, trendy fashion with a well trimmed moustache and deep green, mischievous eyes set within his equally well trimmed brows. Benny sported a custom-made waistcoat which was shiny brown on the back and pinstriped on the front and underneath war a cream shirt with dark brown tie.

Artie, who was the tallest was much more reserved as he sat back on his seat. His black hair was oiled back and his sleek black suit the show of cutting edge fashion. He pushed the drink towards Charlie who reluctantly took off his fedora and had a sip.

Raising his hand, Artie snapped his fingers and winked so that the waiter went behind bar.

"I assume they came to you to eh Charlie?" Artie tipped his head forward, looking as if the answer was obvious.

"Course," Charlie placed the fedora on his lap and brushed a hand through his hair, "they were somewhat hard pressed to decide. What with me being a doctor but with me also having fought in the last war and still with a decent physique, they are keen to have me back and serving. They know it's only a matter of time before Germany makes her move."

"You got a point, but personally I don't think we'll be getting involved any time soon if that's the case. It's a European affair after all," Artie took a sip and stared intently at Charlie who avoided his gaze.

"So what about you big guy, they been after you too?" Benny wondered, "Lucky for you guys, I never left the army," he rolled his eyes and waved his hands in the air, "'Captain James Benjamin Blake is to report to regular duty within the month' or something or other..."

"You're serving your country by the path you chose Benny, ain't nothing can be done but continue," Artie grunted, "me, they want me as a civilian, Walker Inc gets very popular and highly sponsored in war-time," he lowered his voice considerably and leaned in, "after all its me who develops most of the weapons and vehicles... ahh here they are," Artie suddenly looked up and smiled as a waiter came with three thick cigars and a decanter filled with Scotch.

"Aye aye, celebrating about it are we?" Benny raised his eyebrow and shoock his head, his face still glum.

"Gentleman we enter a new and exciting time where the true tests of a man's fibre come into play. But more importantly, potentially one of the last times we'll all sit around this table at Shady's Place and enjoy the luxurious comforts of life. So sit back, drink, smoke and be content that today is still a good day."

"Hear hear," Charlie raised a glass, "couldn't have put it better myself Artie."

The jukebox suddenly sang into life. It was a soft melody that hinted at love. Charlie looked over the tables to where a few ladies sat with a glass of wine. Benny followed his gaze.

"Oh go for it Charlie, she's been giving you the look for days now."

Charlie half smiled, "oh you think?" he took a long draught of his scotch, "heck you may be right. Keep my glass cold for me Benny."

Charlie stood up, brushed his suit and walked over.

"You gals look like you're having a good night," they all giggled.

"Better now you're here Charlie, which one of us is the lucky girl?" asked a slim faced beauty with bouncy blonde hair. There was a note of mockery in her voice.

"Actually my heart is set on only one woman," he turned to face Maria and held out his hand. She was by far the most beautiful with long brown hair that curled inwards in ringlets. Her face was elegant and graceful and her eyes warm and friendly with a hint of sorrow. She held out her own hand and Charlie took it, kissing it gently as she stood up. He took her to the dance floor and held out his other hand so they could begin a slow foxtrot. As they began, it felt like they had done it a hundred times.

"Did you get my last letter?" she whispered.

Charlie sighed with sadness, "yes," he smiled encouragingly, "my heart could not be happier, but the army wants me ready for war, I have to leave soon." The smile slipped but Maria placed a finger to his lips.

"And it will be like the dangers you put yourself in every night and we shall await your return. Don't be sad that we're parting my Charles. Just enjoy this dance," her words almost brought tears to his eyes but he held them at bay, this was a moment to be happy. "Although we should at some point tell our friends that we are married," she giggled softly to herself, a sound that lightened his heart.

"You know if you asked, I would throw it all away for you."

This time Maria sighed, "and you know the world could never forgive you. You are a hero Charlie, better for our baby to have a father who dies a hero than one who lives not to stand for what he believes is right. You make the sacrifice and as hard as it is, I believe in you and I believe that you will return to us every night."

"Oh Maria, how could I live in this world without you." He placed his forehead on hers. 

"Funny, I ask myself that question too."

The dance continued, Charlie made sure to memorise this moment as they danced to their song, as they danced to Moonlight Serenade. Himself, his wife and his future child.

The End

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