The Sleepover.

After the fair, Seran and his mom stopped at the pet store to buy a perch, food, and water for Seran's new bird, Gypsy. When they got home, Seran took gypsy up to the attic. "Here," He told the bird hanging it's cage by the window, "you can be by the window. It will be much quieter in the attic." The bird bowed it's head as if to sleep. "Well, see ya." Seran told it. He put some food and water in the cage then went down to the kitchen. His mom was cooking dinner. "Mom, can Ben and I have a sleepover tonight?" Seran's mom looked up at the ceiling. "Have you taken care of your bird?" she asked.

"yes." Seran replied.

"Well, it's not a school night, But your sister is having her sleepover tonight, too."

Seran sighed. His fifteen year old sister and her friends were so annoying, giggling and gossiping all night. Her room was right across from his. "Can't she have her sleepover somewhere else?" Seran asked.

"No, Seran." His mother replied

"Fine. We'll sleep in the attic."

"Really? What will you sleep on?" 

"Sleeping bags"

"Okay. Go ahead"

Seran picked up the phone and dialed his friend's number. "Hey, Sup?" Seran heard Ben's voice on the line. "Hey bro it's me," Seran said "Wanna have a sleepover?"

The End

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