The Fair

Boy buys beautiful bird from a mysterious person at a fair. He finds out that his bird is actually a girl who was cursed. He must help to save her from this curse. then once she is free she disappears. the boy is sad, then he sees her in the most unlikely place.

The fairgrounds were hot and dusty as Seran walked around. The only entertainment was a clown show and bounce houses. Seran was to cool to waste his time on such childish things, though. All around him vendors at their stands were trying to sell him things. Beaded jewelry, woven mats, paintings, food, plants, and lots of other junk. Seran had bought some cotton candy and popcorn earlier, and he only had a few more dollars left. He slowly walked around the stands getting more bored each time. His younger brother, Jose, had wanted to go to the bounce houses and Seran's mom had dragged Seran along, too. Seran sat down on a bench near a stand where he saw another stand. This vendor had colorful scarves wrapped around her head and shoulders with beaded jewelry and a long purple dress. She was plump and old with a mysterious charm to her. She looked to Seran like a fortune teller. Seran tyed his dusty laces and then walked over. "Do you want to buy this bird?"  The mysterious lady asked him. Her voice was crackly but smooth at the same time. Seran shook his head "Ma'am, I don't have much money" he said pulling his last five dollars out of his pocket. A bird costed like thirty. "How much you have?" The woman asked him. Seran looked at his five ones then back at the woman. "I have five dollars." he told her. She smiled "you can have the bird for five dollars, I want to be rid of it."

" No, I O U's or anything. Like I don't have to pay you back later?" Seran asked.

"No" the woman replied.

"Does it come with a cage?"


"I'm going to go ask my mom"

"Ok, but I may not be here when you come back."

"Uh, sure." Seran ran off to his mom. She was watching Jose on the bouncy slide. "Hey, Mom," Seran said. "Can I buy a bird?". His mom looked at Seran with surprise then looked back at Jose to make sure he was ok. "Are they selling one at the stands?" She asked. Seran replied "Yes, mom, and the lady said I could have it for my last five dollars." Seran's mom frowned "Does it come with food? or a cage?" She asked. Seran shook his head and told her "It comes with a cage but no food." Seran's mom sighed "If this person will give it to you for five dollars, is it sick or something? 'cause birds are usually more expensive." Seran looked up at the sky. "It didn't look sick. Pleeeeeeease, mom? I'll buy it's food and clean out it's cage and everything." He begged. His mom finally gave in "Ok, but I'm going to hold you to your word." She said. Seran gave her a hug and ran back to the stand. The woman was gone, but the bird was on the table. There was a note next to it. Boy, please put money on table. Then you may take the bird. Seran put his five dollars and extra twenty cents (he had found it on the ground) on the table. He picked up the cage with the bird in it. It was a white canary. "I'll call you Gypsy." He told it. The bird was asleep, but it woke up to the sound of his voice. It had black eyes that stared. Seran looked back at the table where he had put his money. It was still there. Just then some dust surrounded The money. Seran watched as it swirled around it like a tornado. Soon the little whirlwind of dust became so dark he could not see the money anymore. Suddenly, the little tornado stopped and the dust disappeared. The money was gone. Seran looked away and back at the table. The money was still gone. He looked around to see if anyone else noticed. Everyone just kept walking or talking. I must have imagined it. Seran thought But, then how is it gone? Should I tell my mom? No. she wouldn't believe me. I don't even believe it myself. Seran shook his head. What happened? he wondered. Then without another glance he walked away wondering . 

The End

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