The sun had put Chandra in a foul mood.  The harsh rays burned her fair skin and seemed to cut right through her skull and into her brain, giving her a massive headache. It made her feel weak and utterly powerless. Why did the people of this land sleep during the night and rise during the day? It was ridiculous to her. The sooner she could find shelter from the sun the better.

Two large, jagged outcrops of rock blotted out the sun ahead of her. Relief flooded through her as she stepped into the shade, and as she fell against one of the boulders she finally let herself relax…

That was when she felt it. A faint, familiar, tingling feeling… the unsettling presence of magic. At once, she sat up. She stretched out her arms, feeling the rocky ground beneath her, the air in front of her, and the sturdy boulder behind her. She felt nothing more than a dim lingering of magic in the air. She knew the sun was dulling her senses and concealing the magic that was around her. She would have to wait until moonlight touched the land before any magic revealed itself. In the meantime, she might as well get some sleep. She closed her eyes, and let sleep finally take over…

Like usual, she found herself in a field covered entirely with strange, glowing symbols. In her hazy dream state, she vaguely recognized the shining symbols and patterns as moon runes. Like she had so many times before, she looked up from the shimmering ground and saw the figure.

Silvery and immaterial, like moonlight personified, the woman stood in the center of the field. She was wreathed in the same shimmering runes that covered the ground, but these symbols were darker and dangerous-looking, created with an evil intent. They hung around her like chains, binding her to this unearthly place. She looked up and met Chandra’s eyes with her own, eyes that were two miniature moons in a dark sky, eyes that had seen every place on the earth since the beginning of time, eyes that shone with such ancient, unfathomable power they jolted Chandra awake.

She shot up from where she was sleeping, panting and dripping with sweat. No matter how many times she had the dream, she awoke the same way. The image of those eyes remained fixed in her head and burned into her retinas- those ancient eyes full of power and at the same time full of hopelessness, silently pleading for help. The eyes of the Moon Goddess.

The End

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