Antes swept up the twitching body and dropped it on his desk with a heavy thump.

“Yeah. Now get out while I work.” He said, wringing his hands in preparation.

“Can’t. I shattered my right foot kicking Brim. I think I broke several toes.” Roland said warily, easing off his boot. Intense pain prickled at his toes and shot through his foot. He grimaced as he saw his foot. Blood had soaked through the woolen socks and pooled at the bottom of his boot. From what Roland could tell through the sock, his foot was no longer foot-shaped.

“Eew,” He muttered, “I think I broke something else in it, too.”

With a heavy sigh, Antes grabbed his cane and pouch and propped himself up from of his chair.

“If you’re not careful you’ll end up like me, brother. Now let’s look at this foot.”

Antes tore off the blood-soaked sock and grasped the broken foot from the heel, examining every break. He produced a wet rag from his pouch and proceeded to painfully dab around the open wounds.

“Can’t you just use magic?” Roland gasped indignantly between bursts of pain.

“Be patient. I can use it to seal the wounds and set the bones but this magic can’t do anything about an infection.” He said smartly, applying a horrible, searing ointment to the wounds.

“Is it… it supposed to hurt so much?” Roland asked through gritted teeth.

“Stop complaining, this isn’t even the worst part.” He said as he dumped the contents of his bag on the table. Bandages, ointments, and dusty old tablets rolled and clattered to a stop. Roland watched nervously as Antes studied the tablets with a cursory glance. At first glance, Roland established that the tablet was something way more advanced than he had ever seen before. The few runes he recognized were complex signs of health and wellness, most of which he could never hope to draw out correctly.

Antes stood up and shambled over to his desk, returning with yet another bag. He glared at Roland as he scattered its contents across the table; worn, flattened stones with a single, glowing symbol etched into each.

“I shouldn’t waste these on you,” Antes growled, “but I will.”

The End

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