The moon was hanging high in the sky, casting her comforting light over the tall, grey fields of grass covering the surrounding hills. Chandra took a deep gulp of cool, night air and sighed with relief. Then she felt the magic again. It was stronger this time, and Chandra immediately located the source. She looked up.

A faint, glowing line stretched just above and to the left of her head. If she was standing up and took a step to the side, the line would be touching her. She examined it closer. What looked to be a thin line of silver light was actually made up of strings of hundreds of tiny, interconnected symbols and markings that shone a pale, silvery light. They were moon runes.

She sighed. The long stretch of runes before her were completely illegible to her. As far as she knew, there were only three people in the world who could read them, two sons and a father…


And the dark-haired man came to the land,

and bound the Moon in words.

And the Moon no longer shone in our favor

and the dark-haired man wielded Her power in his writing.

The moon-folk were destroyed by him,

a new empire was created by him.

Her mind swimming with the ancient hymns and tales of her people, she almost forgot the quivering line before her. It flickered uncertainly, suggesting the presence of concealment magic woven into it. Such magic couldn't escape her eyes. She tentatively reached out a hand and touched the hovering string of magic.

The End

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