The Eyes Of an Angel

 I followed him into the dark forest, the tall trees surrounding me like guards. It was kinda creepy. But I kept the mysterious boy in my sight as he continued to walk deeper and deeper into the trees.

At first, I assumed he didn't know I was following him. But he suddenly stopped behind a huge bush. At first I thought he had to, well, go, but then his feet started turning around. His face was the last to turn my way, and I saw his gorgeous eyes. Dazzling, pure gold that glittered as his eyes assessed me standing behind a large hemlock tree, gazing at his beauty. Even though I knew my cover was blown, I couldn't seem to look away from his face. From the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin seemed to glow from the sudden ray of light. It wasn't an angel's face anymore. It had to be a god's. Such perfection should have been banned from the Earth. 

His eyes then met mine, and my heart stopped. They looked pained, as if in agony. Why was he sad? This look just made him all the more amazing, I felt as if I should turn away. But I still couldn't. His full red lips turned down into a frown, and I thought I heard a groan escape his lips.

Suddenly something was behind me, and the boy was gone. But I couldn't move, because something was breathing on my neck. I was frozen in fear.

And then a sound like a billion bells rang out, "Don't move." i almost fainted from the noise, but obeyed. I felt pressure on my hair and the hair on the back of my head stood on end. I swayed an  inch.

"Don't move or I will kill you." That did it. My mind went blank and I was as solid as a board. Then I passed out.

The End

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