My First Day

As the sun rose I woke up quickly ready to go to school when I realized that dad was all ready awake I know this because I could smell the delicious fry up downstairs,He was cooking eggs with toast and delicious fried mushrooms.Then I jumped of the bed and walked into the bathroom,I looked into the mirror and combed my hair into a nice bun and then change into my black dark jeans and my best rock top and my converses then went straight downstairs to eat my delicious fry up.There was dad standing and he smiled at me and said good morning in a cheerful way and I felt more comfortable this morning with my dad.Then after the delicious fry up my dad drive me to school in his red shiny BMW.I felt embarrassed and nerves and then we reached the big school gates they were big and crooked black and there was a parking lot and then we drove into the parking lot and parked into a clear wide space and there when dad left me to go to school on myself and he said good bye.

He was off to work,he was a doctor at the local hospital.I walked slowly to the school office and asked if they had a time table for me because I didnt want to get confused on the first day because I was all ready late.My first Lesson was English with Mr.Baker,While I walked down the long wide corridoor and there it was a small class that said on the door English Mr.Baker and I knocked three times and then went in to the class all of their faces smiled at me as I scanned all the faces very closely as Mr.Baker introduces me to the class there was a boy with pale white angel face and he had brown yellow small hair that had small spikes on top,he was the only one that wasn't

smileing he gave me a glare and then I could see the pain in his eyes as he glared at me,his pain looked ever so painful but he then smiled.

The bell rang and this small girl came up to me and started chatting she was a very rockish girl that had blond hair and bright blue eyes and she was very welcoming and then she lead the way to the canteen and there we sated all quite eating our food and after we ate the food we went outside and listened to some Paramore music that really made my day.As I looked at the mountains filled with green dark trees then I looked at the horizon and there was more of green trees but these were lighter then I suddenly saw the boy walking into the forest and then I decided to follow him..

So I went into the forest I wasn't skipping class I had a free period anyway but there was something beautiful there he was standing ever so gracefully and then ....

The End

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