The Flight

It was a Sunny day in London while I was on my way to the airport.The air condition was full on and the radio was full on aswell,While we parked outside the airport I told my goodbyes and my mother started to cry and I felt a small teardrop falling down my cheek as I waved goodbye at the entrance,I was really nervous to see my dad again after so many years.

As I sat on the plane I thought about my mother and what she would be up to now what she was thinking at this moment then I looked out of the round plane window and felt happy as I looked at the white clouds then after a hour I grabbed my Mp3 and listened to my fave band Paramore because rock music cheered me up when I was sad and missed home.I thought what would my dad look like and what will he act like when he sees me all grown up hope he doesn't act childish with me.I hope he is not a dad that humiliated  me in front of a crowd.

About Hours Passed by and I was still dreaming about how will my dad look like and act like around me,what will he say to me,will he mention mum,will he have that American accent my head just filled in with different questions to answer.Some were hard,some were easy and even some were just stupid.Then I thought about my old friends back in London what were they up to now in the sunshine probably going to a movie or shopping around town in there ugg boots and handbags,I weren't like them I didn't like going shopping and I never worn ugg boot because my style was converse and rock music and just chilling at home with my mum,I was really close to my mum and probably that why I am pale because I never go out to shop or even go to the beach normally.

I was just a pale fragile and a plain girl no boy would fancy me,no boy would even want to look at me I'm not like those girls in magazines all skinny and tan.

Suddenly I was In settle and It was 1.30 in the afternoon as I walked off the plane I suddenly felt the cold air and it was raining and I thought about London then.Then there he was with brown dark hair and a pale face as me he looked fragile aswell he looked exactly like me,he had that same pointy nose and the same eyes brown and then he said

"Hey Lizzy" he said my nickname and then I felt he is not that bad he had that American Accent and he had hair like Tom hanks and then I felt like home.

I saw his car it was a red BMW and it was also comfortable.As I sat at the car he said how old I was now and told me that I looked like mum a lot.I felt uncomfortable and you could tell he was aswell.

Then..... He drove up a small neighborhood and there it was a small cottage house all painted yellow and blue.

He showed me my room it was small but comfortable and just the right colours black and red and purple my bed was filled with red colours as blood and the room was painted black and he had the Paramore albums all . He was just like me he was a rocky person too and he was really good because he didn't hover a lot around me I also had a TV to myself and a black Laptop to do my school work .

I was so tired I went to bed and dreamed about school the next day .....



The End

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