Elizabeth (Lizzy) Maize has to go and visit her dad in the USA in Settle for the summer holidays.At first she thinks it dull and quite boring but after her first days at school she seen a boy that called Edward Raven black everyone sees him suspicious because him and his family always stick with each other .
Then she finds out that she is in love with a killing vampire what should she do.
Then suddently she found out she is in


I never given much thought how I would die,but the hole dieing thing happened to me but in a way I wasn't dead I was still on this beautiful earth and I wasn't 6 foot under either I was still breathing I was still walking gracefully in the wind.

This all happened to me when I visited dad in Settle for my very first time and since I was on the airport I thought it was going to be the bad decision to visit him,he hasn't seen me since I was 4 years old and now I'm 17 he wanted to see me.I missed mum while I was visiting but then something made me wanted to stay here with my dad in settle something powerful something called love and then I was happy here then I was proud of this place.alot

That something wasn't a human that something wasn't an animal either it was a Creature a killing and dangerous creature a creature that hunt humans that creature was a Vampire !!!

The End

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