The Underground Crew

We stood, careful to keep a good two feet between each of us, and floated our eyes about the space, trying to absorb each other without appearing to.

Sunwing was Asian, tall, dark haired, bespectacled and fashionably dressed. Probably most of our little group was amusing he'd be the brains but I doubted it. Something told me he was more likely to be the "crazy idea guy". The one whose escape plans would be ridiculous and involve many a resource we wouldn't have.
The second guy to our ensemble was Sunstone. Short, redheaded and freckled, his face was lined with permanent scowl marks but he was built thick. Big shoulders, broad chest, he obviously looked the part of the brawn. And yet... there was a glint in his eyes that said there was more going on in there then you'd expect.
Moonrod was third. Her entire presence was so muted she was near invisible. Neutral colours, pale blond hair, a meek demeanor. Her eyes rested more on the floor than anyone else's. However, I could still see what had drawn her into our group. She was a master of hiding and it was obvious she was aware of her lack of existence on people's radars.
The obvious leader-type was Sunbolt. Solid stance, fierceness barely hidden behind his eyes. I could tell right off the bat that he'd be the flight risk. Helpful, perhaps, but the one who'd get in the trouble the most. The distraction. The rebel. I liked him immediately.
The last two, Moonflower and Moonstar, were polar opposites but it was easy to see that they were twins. So long as you could see past the images they hid themselves under. Star was pierced, her ears bearing six or seven studs and hoops and her eyebrow bearing another. Her clothes were a mix of steampunk and, well, regular punk. Half her head was shaved and the other half was purple. Flower, on the other hand... Her blonde hair was long and wavy, her eyebrows were plucked, not pierced, and her clothes matched the magazines. Their eyes, however, were identical. The same fire and spark and intelligence glimmered in both pairs.

My "casual" pursuit of observing the new group I found myself in was interrupted by the doors to our room slamming open again. And, this time, what poured in was just as I expected. A large group of scared, crying, whimpering six year olds. There was no helping it. My group acted instantly. There was no stopping us. None of us even paused to consider just how strange it was that we'd never spoken a word to each other and yet we all had the same thought, simultaneously. 
Stone and Wing threw themselves to the front, gathering the children and shepherding them away from the hulking henchmen who followed them. Star and Flower were right next to them, pulling the kids towards them and enveloping them in their arms. Rod tucked herself in next to them and Bolt and I joined the two boys at the forefront, protecting the children from whatever harm could come from our attempts to comfort and console the upset elementary schoolers. 

"Hey! What did I say? You brats." The speech giver from before pushed himself to the front of his lackeys and glowered his way towards our unyielding crew. "No friends. No interacting. And... no comforting. Step away from them. Now." He said the word firmly and, before we would have even had the chance to follow his instructions, not that we would have, a whizz zipped through the air and I could feel something embed itself in my skin. I watched, hazily, crumbling to the ground, as the others dropped around me. All save Bolt and Wing. One had dodged and the other... was fighting back with a dart in his hand.

The End

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