When the henchmen, big ugly lugs, as to be expected, had finished laying out the rules for our imprisonment and sufficiently scared one girl into cracking, they left us alone in the large plain room. Off on their evil henchmen duties to scare little six year olds, no doubt.

The room was as large as a soccer field and only half-filled with teenagers. We milled around, wondering if we were being watched, wincing at the pains in our necks and trying our hardest not to make friends. However, if there is one strong force in the world of science, it is the force that magnetically pulls at teenagers, grouping them into little clumps and it is as unavoidable as gravity.

Human instinct is not to be reckoned with, and the instinct of teenagers is as unstoppable and terrifying as a tidal wave. The groups formed, people moving as slow as sea stars and not even realizing what they were doing. Most of the forming clumps had a theme and I almost felt like chuckling as yet another burly jock fell in beside yet another burly jock and yet another scared cheerleader-type joined yet another scared cheerleader-type. It just goes to prove that no matter where you are, if you are surrounded by teenagers, you cannot avoid high school.  And yet... I do not believe high school forms some of the gatherings that were, indeed, forming.

Do you look safe? Will you protect me? Are you smart? Can I rely on you? These questions were beamed across the short spaces between blue eyes and brown eyes, green ones and gray ones. The geeks and nerds that might usually cling only to the outsides of these groups were being integrated into their centers. Tough biker dudes and chicks were finally wanted in the space of "normal" people. And it took a mass kidnapping to do so.

I watched from my spot near a wall and somehow, acquired my own crowd of attempting inconspicuous followers. With each arrival there was only eye contact and a subtle turning of the head so as to let the other see your tattoo. They were our names, these tattoos. So I'll call them, for lack of anything better, Sunwing, Sunstone, Moonrod, Sunbolt, Moonstar and Moonflower.

My illegal friends.

The End

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