The Rules of Imprisonment

"You will not make friends. You will behave in a quiet fashion. You will remain under our power. You know why? This is why." He held up a needle. "You will be marked. It will be painful. And eventually? You will have no more space to be marked. And then you will die. Got it?" He delivered this cheerful message with vigor, adding hand gestures to his performance.

We nodded obediently, keeping our faces blank of emotion so that he would not see our fear and take advantage of it. Evil henchmen were like that and I knew I could question his fashion choices on my tattoo later. I could only guess how the younger kids would fare when the henchmen decided to give them their own talking to. I could see them being rather upset about more than the less-than-stellar design of their new decoration. This was not a situation I would wish on anybody but the thought of a five year old going through it made me angry. Angry at the stupid evil henchmen and their stupid evil possible plans of world domination. They had not yet revealed their motives to us but I knew they would get around to it eventually. Bad guys always do. 

"And no annoying noises. You will not squirm. You will not cry. You will not talk back. You will not upset the Wizard."

The Wizard. That's what they called the man with the flat orange eyes. Why? None of us knew. Although perhaps the name was fitting, seeing as he'd magicked his soul away.

The End

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