Things get complicated. It's a fact of life on this planet. You fail an exam, your friends get in a fight. It happens and you either deal with it or your life becomes a mess. If you get fired you can't just flip out and sink into depression. You get another job. My kind of complicated, of late, has nothing to do with exams, touchy friends or lost jobs. My kind of complicated involves your typical kidnapping evil guy and his evil henchmen who most likely want to take over the world. Like I said, things happen and you have to deal with it, so I'll deal with it. Although, I'm pretty sure my life will be a mess in the process.

It happened like so many things don't. I got a call to babysit. It was a normal enough call, the person on the other end did no suspicious cackling or proclamation about ruling the world or ruining my life. Of course, the normality of the situation was soon to change. Normality doesn't get you kidnapped.

Like all good evil villains, this one wanted to start with a bang. In this case, the little boy I had been called to look after was tied to a chair. Not exactly what I was expecting. It was not, however, the most sinister thing in the room. That would be the man who stood behind the chair, trying to make a well-done bad guy first impression.  He looked normal enough, no baseball-sized warts or hooks for hands. His brown hair was going gray, his nose looked like it had been broken just once, and instead of a black cloak or evil overlord robe, he wore blue jeans and a light green button down  shirt. Even his smile was fairly normal without even a hint of malice. But to be a good antagonist in this story he needed one, just one, giveaway point. Something that spoke of "the monster within". In this case, his eyes. They were orange and as flat and vacant as a mouse squished on a highway. They were also pupil less, which really got the "Hey, I'm your worst nightmare" idea across.

That was the last thing I remember.

I woke in an entirely white room on a metal bed and the back of my neck was killing me. I pushed the covers off and sat up. My neck was on fire and my mind was still cloudy with whatever drug they had shoved into my system without my consent.

I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand and looked around. Still not my room. There was a window set high in one wall, a mirror, a metal set of shelves holding only a box and a heavy steel door with no handle. I walked to the mirror and held up my hair, squirming to see if there was something trying to eat the back of my neck or perhaps, a small pool of acid dissolving my skin. I couldn't. 

I walked to the shelves, noting how they were bolted into the floor, and opened the flaps of the small cardboard box. Inside was a hand mirror and a note.

"Room 312. Gender: Female. Age: 16. Name: Moonleaf."

I silently thanked the flat eyed man for being so kind as to provide me with a way to watch the disintegration of the back of my skull and took the small mirror from the box. I squirmed around until I could manipulate both mirrors into showing me exactly what was going down on the back of my neck, and causing me the pain of thousands of fire ant bites. It wasn't what I was expecting. A fresh tattoo glistened on my skin. A crescent moon and an alder leaf.


The End

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