This is where the story ends; for the most part.

Things were starting to look up for everyone.

The Guardians had their old jobs back, that didn’t have someone telling them what to do, as their jobs as guards did.

Searra’s the keeper of memories and fate, when she did go back; she went and looked at what happened to the Noelle village to say she wasn’t happy about it, was the understatement of the century.

Nick went back to his elves to do Christmas, being childish, wonder and baked goods, just kidding, building things, also having his wife: Sascha make sure he didn’t eat too much; well that always fun.

Sanderson went back to bring good dreams and restful nights to the people of the world; also to bringing Peace to where it was needed the most; he knew that peace wasn’t going to there without some fighting going on.

Aster’s was bringing hope, Easter and spring, also making sure that people had healthy pregnancies, babies and crops. He just loved his job, some parts more than others.  

Flynn went back to his old name: Eamom Matthews. He was forgiven for his crimes and when he was, one day he started to court Rapunzel, well after talking to her parents, the chameleon….

….and all of her friends, some of which scared the shit out of him…

…Jackie and Mel for example.

He didn’t think he’d been as threatened by those two, then everyone who hated him combined, and that included Rapunzel’s parents and the guards!

Lucia and Maxima found a friend in Jackie, –also a training buddy- having the same powers helped in a lot of whys.

Mel feel for someone; that loved her for her personality; not her statics, he was also he’s ‘Sweet Angel’ which was what her full name meant: irony, just got to love it.

Keran and Sosi left to go back home, but they came back every two months to check on and make sure everything was running okay; but that’s what they told them, the truth was that they had a lot of fun when they came over, so they wanted to come over.

Rapunzel found herself falling for Eamom, but at the same time, she didn’t want him to know that she did, also wanted to see if he loved her, or her title. So her solution was to play hard to get, not too hard, but still, what; it was as a friend of hers would say…


Mary became the teacher in the village for the gifted children, magically gifted. Most of them would be sent to different, but until that day; she was called Mother Mary, was the person that everyone went to for teaching.

Safa and Jomall were adopted by Mary and loved having Jackie as an older sister, as she loved having younger siblings to protect, and she was happy that Jomall’s and Safa’s wish came true, Aster was very nice in letting Safa pet his ears.

What become of Jackie.

Well… she never got her old look back, so now she just reminded of people of winter no matter what she did about it, but she now had all her power all year round, to use if she needed or wanted.

Jackie and Aster told each other their feelings –finely, Searra was about to butt in, along with Sanderson- they spent almost every moment together. Aster during Jackie’s worse, and Jackie when Aster felt hopeless –that can’t happen, can’t bring hope, if you don’t have it.

Jackie spend eighteen years hiding, but she learn that sometimes…

…you have to follow your heart and dreams.

She did, so did everyone else; she also was going to live the rest of eternity living freely.

The kingdom of Corona was never brighter, it might end years later, but for now they were going to enjoy the happiness; before Nightmare came back or someone tried to copy him, –it happens- until then,

Everyone was fine with how things were.

Living in the Sun and Moon, embracing everything that went they’re way and working out the bad.

Anything that life gave them.  

The End

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