Chapter Twenty-OneMature

Nightmare laughed at the stupid girl, she should have joined him, but now she had to die, just like Mary had to die.

With a wave of shadows, felt like he was on a high, he let himself go down, his scythe at the ready.

Jackie jumped back hopeless, the irony, her brave words proved useless, Nick watched the two fight.

“WE HAVE TO HELP HER.” He yelled “Listen up; I need you all to laugh.” Jackie looked at him like he was a few apples short of an apple tree, but then she remembered something, looking at Mary’s body it was like she herself was saying it.

‘Laughter Jackie, it’s the key to joy. Fun and joy go hand in hand, and both can get rid of fear; then in turn can get rid of the darkness.’  

The crazy German Santa was right, but looking at the kids, they all seemed so scared…

…what can she do about that little fact?

“I know.” She shouted. When Nightmare turned his head for a moment, Jackie sent her snow wolves on him, he growled at the creatures, but a few were able to pin him down and stop him from doing anything.

Jackie ran to Nick and told him “Thank-you.”

She turned to the kids, who were still hiding, kneeling in front of Safa. She touched the ground and the ground had frosted over, looking up, she draw Safa’s favourite animal, -told her when she woke up- putting her hands around her drawing, concerting, she brought the bunny to life. Safa, Jomall and the other children beamed, laughing as it hopped around them, but then it exploded into snow.

“Bwaaahhh…” She whined “Why must that always happen to my bunnies?” The children giggled when pouted, looking at Nick she smiled, another idea popped into her head, turning back to the children.

“You don’t have to be scared… there’s no reason… you’re going to be okay, I promise… that all of you are going to be okay. Hey! You know what let’s play a game.”

The kids looked at her, here she was fighting Nightmare, the meanest and cruellest person in the world and she wanted to play a game. Okay, when did she hit her head or ran away from the looney bin.

Heisting slightly, they muttered “Sure… yeah… why not… I guess,” in unison. Jackie beamed at their answer, not matter how unsure they sounded, clapping her hands, she walked over to Aster, smiling and she slammed a snowball into his face

“DAM IT.” He yelled as it made contact with his face.

Giggling, Jackie took a deep breath and shouted “Snowball fight!!” Throwing her hands in the air, she let the blizzard turn into a gentle snowfall, snow piled on the ground, and the children ran around, laughing as they played in the cold element.

“You think that some weak children can help you fight against this?!” Nightmare asked, pointing to the wolves behind him “They can’t do any-ommph!”

Jackie looked at Nightmare than to Aster with wide eyes, he was swiping his hands to get the snow on them off.

“What?” He asked, when he saw her looking at him “I really wanted him to shut up, also didn’t want to listen to a thirty minute rant.”

Jackie busted out laughing when she looked back at Nightmare’s –getting over her shock of what just happened of course- face. His eyes were wide in shock; mouth was dropped into a large ‘O’ shape. Snow was clinging to the spot his eyebrows where meant to be.

She blinked and punched her palm as she asked “I’m I the only one that can see that Nightmare doesn’t have eyebrows?”

Nightmare’s eyes twitched and Jackie could tell she hit a nerve and a major one at that.

Rapunzel ran to Mary’s still body, hoping that she wasn’t too late.

‘Did she really change?’ She wondered ‘Does she deserve a second chance.’

She bit her lip, as she thought of it, but what really made up her mind was looking at Jackie and seeing how heart-broken she was when the arrow hit Mary, gesturing to Eamom, Mel and Karen.

The three ran over to her, wondering why she was waving them over and what she needed help with.

“Cover me.” She told them, upbraiding her hair. The other’s eyes widened when she did that, only two knew what it meant and the other was just confused on why she was doing it, Mel reached out her hand to stop her, but stopped Mid-motion when she saw the determined look in the blondes eyes, she was going to do this, wither she like it or not.

“I’m going to do it.” She stated, daring them to change her mind on the subject.

“Why?” Mel asked

“If Jackie can accept her, so can I, she died protecting someone, someone she loved, if that doesn’t show a change in a person, then I don’t what does.”

“Don’t worry, Rapunzel, we’ve got your back.” Karen told her and Eamom nodded his head, saying that he was going to help her as well, with one last look at Mel, she saw that the red was going to help her as well.

Circling around Rapunzel they made sure that no one saw what she was doing, or heard her as whispered her healing magic.

“Jomall.” Jackie said, turning to said boy “this is going to be crazy, might even be suicidal, but would you get something for me.”

Jomall nodded his head saying yes he would get something for her, and when she pointed to the saddle bag a few feet from the pinned Nightmare, –got to love the snow wolves- he gaped at her, gulped and started.

Well… the mission impossible sing would defiantly add humour to this…

Being the childish spy that he was at this present moment, he would hide behind barrels, people etc. He tip-toed near the bag, as Nightmare tried to get rid of the snow wolves, reaching out ever of carefully, he grabbed the bag.

“I GOT IT.” He yelled, completely blowing his cover “Whoopsie.”

He didn’t stay for a second before running for it, Nightmare yelling at him, he could have chased him, but the Snow wolves ran around the kid and same were looking at him, daring him to even try chasing the kid.

Curiosity got the better of Jomall and he opened the bag to find…

…Snow globes, you’ve got to be kidding… snow globes, really, how cliché can you get.

He stared wide eyed at Jackie as he handed over the bag.

“I think; these are yours.” She said, as she two was confused on why there were snow globes in the bag and here she thought that it was something important, when all this is over she’ll have to do something for Jomall for risking his neck in getting them.

Nick took the bad and handed a snow globe to each of his friends, and each one had something different inside them. Aster’s had coloured eggs and grain, Searra’s had fairies, teeth and books. Sanderson’s had sunlight and golden sand, Nick’s had a decorated pin tree and a figure of a person.

Searra was the first to throw hers down, when it had the ground a bright white light covered, she gasped as she got her wings back, –quiet like humming-bird wings- many copies of Baby Tooth where behind her, half had teeth and the other half books on their dress, their fringes were in one of four colour: Blue, Green, Red and Gold.

Nick was next, well he didn’t change much besides his hair going white, he grew in strength start to look like a body with trees for limps, and he also had a healthy amount of red on. A white haired woman stood next to him, she was up to Nick’s shoulder, her hair was in a high pony tail that reached her shoulders, she was not petite, but she wasn’t fat somewhere in the middle, she was clearly liked to fight with swords with the one that was one her hip said anything, she was also wearing man’s clothing in the same style as Nick, but brown instead of red. She must be his wife; well there was a ring on both their fingers.

Aster was next and hole appeared in front, he jumped down it, if anyone was underground they would have seen his appearance change somewhat. When he did jumped out, he had a pair of light brown rabbit ears, spring tattoos were on his arms and legs, all his senses increased, as well as his speed.

Sanderson was the lucky last, he just turned completely gold. A golden necklace around his neck had two lockets, one had dream sand and the other sunlight, it didn’t have a limited of how much it could hold.

“The true forms of the Guardians.” Mel gasped; Rapunzel behind her started her healing magic again.

Jackie’s eyes widened; she remembered something familiar about this, but she just can’t remember where.

“You can’t defect me, as long as there’s fear and death in this world; I’ll be here to make sure it continues.” Nightmare sneered at them, making sure that they know that he’ll never give up and that he’ll be back.

“So what; one day we’ll find a way to stop you, and as long as we breathe we’ll protect the people of the world.” Nick scoffed at him.

With that Jackie and the Guardians ran forward, they’re weapons drawn.

“Protect the citizens.” Jackie yelled at the dumbfounded guards, they were able to pull it together well enough to protect the unguarded.

Mel; never the one to be left out of a fight, princess or not; summoned her unlimited supply of throwing knifes and began to throw them at the enemy.

Nightmare was soon and outnumbered, and when he looked around he knew what he was going to have to do soon.

“It’s over.” Searra and Sanderson snapped at him.

He just laughed at them and melted into the shadows.

“Forgot he could do that.” Sanderson said, as he looked around for Nightmare, when Jackie turned to look behind her, Nightmare came back out, pulling out his bow and arrow to fire.


Jackie turned to see what was going on, closed her eyes when she saw the weapon, but opened them after a few seconds when nothing happened, when Jackie looked at his arm she couldn’t help, but fell proud; that’s Rapunzel for you.

When Nightmare looked at his arm, he cursed when he saw… hair, that’s what stopped him… hair, blonde hair.

He looked at the where the hair started and saw that Rapunzel was glaring at him –not that he knew her name, to him it was short blonde girl.

“This is for scaring my people and hurting my friends, also for trying to kill them.” Rapunzel shouted as she pulled her hair up, Nightmare with it, slamming him into the unforgiving ground and ice.

When she brushed her hair back, Nightmare looked around him and saw that he was surrounded. Then he did what all villains did when this happened to them…

…he ran for it.

Same master mind he turned out to be, he was beaten by two eighteen year old girls, and a few children, if that didn’t make any worse; a snowball. He looked behind him to see if he was followed, but he was-

“Leaving the kingdom so soon.” Nick said, as Nightmare ran into his stomach.

“You forgot to say goodbye.” Nick’s wife said.

Searra came from behind her, giving him a coin and a small book charm.

“A coin and book-” He would have continued had it not been for Searra punching him in the jaw, knocking out two of his teeth, it also made him forget how to make his Night wolves and use the shadows.

“That was for everything you put my friends and my fairies thought, did you think I’d really forget, what you did to everyone.” Searra growled as she flew away from him, she knew that if she didn’t she’d do something she’d regret later.

“You’re just so sure of yourselves aren’t you, but if you have truly beaten me, than why are they here?”

Black wolves where at both sides of the small clearing that they ended up in, –what they were following Nightmare, and he sure as hell wasn’t looking where he was going- but they weren’t looking at the five instead they were looking at Nightmare.

Being able to put two and two together, Jackie said “Bye, Bye don’t want to see you again.”

After she said this everyone stared at her, but they got what she meant when the wolves dragged Nightmare –kicking and screaming, might I add- down a hole, where it sealed up, to stay that way for millions of years.

After making sure that he wasn’t going to crawl up that hole anytime soon, they made their way back to the kingdom.

“Snowfla-” Aster spoke up “Jackie; everything will turn out fine, you’ll see.”

Jackie turned to face him, tears in her eyes “How could it be fine, I don’t have anyone anymore.”

“Don’t say that, my sweet Moonflower.” Mary said softly, walking up to the group.

“MOTHER!!” Jackie ran the rest of the way, giving her a tight hug “Mother I thought I lost you.”

Mary just smiled at her silly child and began to stroke her white hair.

“Ahem.” A female’s voice sounded behind them, making them break from the hug and turn around to see the king and queen, Rapunzel was behind them, she cleared her throat wanting the two to hurry up and shallow their proud already “We….”

Rapunzel just sighed at her parents, they were just hopeless sometimes, no matter how much she loved them, they were hopeless.

“We wanted to know if you wanted to live in Corona.” Rapunzel said for them a smile on her face, at the thought that she could visit her new friend whenever she wanted if she did agree “We’re more than happy to give you a second chance, and we can… see how much you love each other and care about one another, so we won’t force you apart.”

“Wait.” Jackie said, holding her hand in front of her, the information going into her head as she thought about it “you’re saying we can live here? No more hiding? No more fear about being pulled apart.”    

Rapunzel nodded and when Jackie looked at the king and queen, they nodded as well –having second thoughts about the whole thing, maybe it wasn’t so bad to have the two, not when it caused one person to be so happy about it.

Jackie beamed and covered the kingdom in a light snowfall, which was cause by her excitement –Corona will be seeing more snow days, then any other place.

“This is home.” Jackie said, as everyone laughed at her childish behaviour, she joined in the fun –never the one to be left out.


Was going to be home

And home was where the heart it.       






The End

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