Chapter TwentyMature

“… You killed them…” Jackie kept repeating; she was kind of like a broken record player, that played the same song and in that song the same chorus or verse over and over again.

“Oi.” Aster ran over, snapping his fingers in front of her face “What do you mean he killed them? Who the hell did he kill?”

Jackie took a deep breath “Noelle, my birth village…”

Murmurs filled the air, as everyone heard this, they remember the Noelle village; the kind people who had last their lives the day the princess was born.

“It’s a pity…” the man said, he put his hands to his heart like he was extremely hurt from the accusation “to see that you blamed me, when I’m not the guilty party here-”

“Yes, you are.” Jackie yelled “The wolves, they were yours, Noelle doesn’t have wolves around, not in the forest and not in the village, it’s far too cold for them to live, so you killed them…” Jackie said, while she stood up her eyes flicking from brown to blue then back again, before anyone would see the change in eye colour, her bangs danced around her face, as the wind picked up, it got faster and faster, harder and harder, it got more wild as time went by “You killed me, so I guess I’ve got to return the favour.”

She snapped and when she did an explosion was heard and seen throughout the whole kingdom.

Frost, Snow and Ice started to surround her, like a mad frenzy.

It had gotten so bad, that all you could see was white and blue tint, and couldn’t see in front of your face, let alone the browned girl in the middle of it.

“Snowflake?” Aster asked when he couldn’t see her anymore; he was scared that she was hurt.

Seconds later, through it fault like hours.

A pale foot stepped out of the storm, it was covered in blue tinted frost ferns, it looked like a tribal marking of sorts, and many would have said that it was very pretty, if it wasn’t the suction at hand. Soon the other tribal marked foot stepped out shortly after.

A crystalized skirt followed her feet, it was a brilliant white, but the frost that decorated it, gave it more of a blue tint.

“Whoa.” Jomall whispered, when he was able to push his way to the front, and saw what was going on, to the person he meet last night.

There Jackie stood; wearing shimmering blue armour on her top half, a sword made of ice was by her side, one in each hand. Her once warm, kind brown eyes; darkened with hate; as she looked at the darked haired man. Her hair that was in a messy bun, was trying to break the elastic band holding it, to fly free in the wind like her bangs, which continued to dance around her pale face.

“You killed them… and you hurt her.” She said, remembering what Searra told her the first day of their trip, about what he did to her fairies, and Baby –who was on her mother’s shoulder, since they came to Corona- when she took a step forward, frost danced around her foot, leaving a trail behind her.

“This will be the end.” She said “I won’t, I won’t HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR ANYMORE!”

She raised the sword in her left arm, dropping the one in her right, to pick up her stuff and once again turned it into a necklace, tears were streaming down her face, looking like crystalized ice drops on her face.

“Jackie.” Mary yelled, trying to get to her daughter, her little girl, only to be stopped by guards who got out of their dumbfounded minds.

More ice fell from the sky, but those one’s were different to the ones before, they were sharper and looked design to kill, not slightly injury and knock out, but still the man did move. Everyone thought that he was a goner, that he was going to die, well that was until a shadow wrapped around him like a shield, sadly to almost everyone it stopped the ice from injuring/killing him.

“You.” Searra had yelled “I should have known; only you would do something like this.”

The man chuckled “Are you surprised; Guardians, the last time I saw you four; you weren’t a group, but I guess when the same person steal something from you, and the thing stolen is important, then they join together towards the common enemy, but will this last when you have it back, I wonder?”

“Who are you?” Jackie demanded; her temper was starting to get the best of her, to be fair everything had a breaking point and she was dam near hers.

The man looked at her, than to Mary and lastly to Searra “Colis Blakeslee, but many don’t know me by that, they know by…”

Shadows danced around his feet, as he took a step, making it… drama queen worthy.

“Nightmare, since you’re such a nightmare to deal with.” Jackie said, brown eyes meeting silver.

Without hesitation or second thought, she jumped and slammed her foot on the ground and magic busted from it, spreading around her in a circle. The magic made wolves; they were made out of Ice and Snow, with frost to keep it together, it was so cold that you could see the wolves’ breath. They were as tall as an average twelve year old.

Knowing what was going to happen if he didn’t do anything, he summoned his own black wolves and they protected him, ready to attack and before anyone could blink it started, the wolves started to tear at each other,

Fear filled the hearts of many, as they ran away in hopes to not get caught in the mid-fire or mid-attack.

“YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT, MARY.”  Nightmare yelled at Mary, as the guards hold her down let her go, to save their own skins, I mean save the citizens get away from the attack, more likely saving their won skins, but who cares “YOUR NOTHING, BUT A MONSTER AND A DEMON, YOU CAN’T BE LOVED AND YOU CAN’T LOVE.”


Jackie looked at her mother. Green eyes meet brown eyes, and both softened as they looked at each other.

“She’s the reason… why I was going to accept death, today or any other day. To protect her.” She said, as she looked back at Nightmare, giving me a glare that if they could kill, he’d be dead a hundred times over, and then some “From the likes of you.”

“Mother.” Jackie said; taking her eyes off Nightmare, and ran towards Mary. Once she was close enough, Mary moved her bangs and cupped her checks as the tears continued down Jackie’s face. Both smiled softly at each other.

Nightmare took this time to make an arrow out of his shadows, the two didn’t see it, but Aster did, so did Searra after a few seconds.



Nightmare relished his arrow after Searra yelled Jackie’s name and this was when Mary saw the arrow aimed at her daughters back, she knew what she had to do and she was going to do it.

“I love you the most… you must never forget that.” Mary said, eyeing the arrow coming closer and closer by the second.

“I won’t and I love you, too. I’ll never forget.” Jackie said; confused on why her mother was doing this.

With that being said and done, Mary pushed Jackie to the side. Everything started to go slowly for Jackie at this point. The Guardians were still fighting Nightmares wolves, as were her snow wolves.

And an arrow hit Mary in the chest with a cry of pain. She fell to her knees and then to her side, Jackie ran to her mother’s side and turned her to her back, hoping that was she saw was just a trick and her mother was just fine and not dying.

But it wasn’t fake, Mary’s crimson dress was getting darker, she looked at Jackie, clinching her chest.

“Thank you… thank you… for everything you did for me… and gave me… all the love… and acceptance… you showed me… what I always wanted… a family… and a chance… to become… a mother…”

Mary’s green eyes closed as the life lift them –she didn’t want Jackie to see them- and her breathing and heartbeat stopped.

“Mother.” Jackie said as she shock her mother’s shoulders, hoping that this wasn’t real “Mother”

She didn’t move, not even the tiniest of movement she was completely still. She was dead, just like Corona wanted; died.

“No.” Jackie whispered tears going faster down her face, the fighting continued behind her, her eyes flickering from Brown to Blue to Brown, over and over until it just continued, not stopping “no nonono not again, please not again.”

“Pathetic.” Nightmare muttered shaking his head, as if disappointed.

“SHUT UP, SHUT UP, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.” She snapped, angry boiling in her blood, this bastard was going… to… die.

The band holding her hair back; finally snapped, allowing her hair to fly free to dance in the wind behind her. The blizzard grew stronger, faster and wilder as her angry grew.

“NOW THIS.” Nightmare scouted “This is what I was looking for.”

“I’ll never join you.” Jackie declared; her angry was now at its melting point, and you didn’t want to be the poor bastard on the other end it “I’d rather face DEATH HIMSELF than to join you.”

With a battle cry, Jackie charged at Nightmare, sword tightly in hand. She swung and struck at him, only to have a shadow block it. They danced around each other, a deadly dote that both were trying to lead. After a while both jumped back out of breath, breathing heavily.

“Whoa.” Jomall said from his hiding spot. Everyone wondered about what the little boy’s reaction was about and when they saw it themselves, they knew why.

Jackie’s hair was turning white; her skin if possible was getting paler almost taking the same colour her hair was only to have a blue tint, and her head was down hiding her eyes.

“You’re nothing, but a monster.” Jackie whispered “you feed of the fear and death of others…”

She took a few steps forward, the storm getting stronger.

“You care only for yourself, that will be your down fall, but listen to my warning and listen well….”

Jackie snapped her head up, the flickering had stopped, her eyes were now an ocean blue, tears on her checks as she yelled.

“Darkness shall never win! Upon the light of the world and moon, the earth at my feet, I’ll bring down this dark to an end and your death with it.”       

The End

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