Chapter NineteenMature

Mary had a bad feeling for today, after what Nightmare told her who wouldn’t, sadness and fear cluing to her heart.

The door opened, Mary while turning thought that it was the guards, but it was… Rapunzel.

“Rapunzel.” Mary said; keeping her fear and sadness out of her voice, she didn’t this brat knowing about it.

“Mary, I can only give you one more chance, tell me what the gift is.” Rapunzel told her.

Mary stayed silent, staring at Rapunzel, like all the other times she asked that questions.

Rapunzel just sighed, giving up, how could  Mary tell her anything when she didn’t talk to her, but when she was about to leave, Mary’s voice caught her off guard “I would rather take it to my grave, hoping that whoever or whatever my gift with, protects it.”

‘Or whoever.’ Rapunzel thought, frowning as she left Mary’s cell for the last time. She guess that Mary was really going to take this to her grave, but how could anyone protect her gift if they didn’t know what it was and where it was, and what were they protecting it from. If she doesn’t tell them anything than how can they do anything to help her gift?

“Hey!” Mel’s voice rang out in the main hall where Rapunzel was walking “What’s going on?”

Rapunzel just sighed, as she told one of her best friends what had just happened with Mary, Mel just listened to Rapunzel as she told her what happened and slowly nodded for every word said, but too be fair she was curious about the gift as well.

“What can you do?” Mel asked as she shrugged, you can’t make someone tell you something they don’t want to tell and they ran out of time to chance the women’s mind. “Now come on, the others are waiting for us.”

Together, the two girls ran to the gallows, waiting for the thing they felt was going to chance everything, how they see thing and who they trust.

When they did arrive at the gallows, they saw Maxima, Lucia, Sosi, Keran on the right side of the stage, more to the left they saw Jackie holding her stuff like a lifeline and a few feet behind her where the Guardians. Now all they had to do was wait for her father, the king, to bring Mary to the gallows to face her fate and die.

Jackie couldn’t help, but bring her stuff closer to herself and frowning at the behaviour of the people of this kingdom, they were wearing gleeful smiles and had joy in their eyes, this was someone’s death and they were cheerful about someone dying.

‘Ugh’ Jackie thought looking at the crowd of happy people once again ‘if this is their reaction to someone getting killed, than I’m glad, that I’m not Coroanian, and they call Mother a bad person’    

King Adam frowned as he walked to the witch’s cell; he had a bad feeling about this.

All the woman did when they enter was stand up; saying one word and one word only, and that word was “Mary”

That must be her name, but just knowing her name, made her more human, and he didn’t want to kill humans, only witches.

“It’s time, Mary.” He said, may as well let her have same level of pride when she died, Mary just nodded at him.

Together, he, Mary and the two guards holding her, walked out if the dungeons to head to the gallows this was done so everyone could see the person who was going to be hanged. The walk through the dungeons was excruciating and unnerving, due to the silence of the walk and the fact that Mary didn’t beg and cry for mercy and not to kill her, once, on the why out.

When they did exit the dungeon; the king was greeted by the cheers of his people and Mary was greeted with rocks, stones and horrible words, but never once did she fazed.

The journey to the gallows was over quickly and without interruptions, so very little trouble was caused here that it sent shivers down the kings back.


Everyone started cheering at the king’s words, well not everyone, it was everyone save eleven people and you would have a pretty good guess on who they are.

Mary just frowned at them for this, the noose was placed around her neck, another rope was tied around her legs or more like her knees, because think about it, they wanted her to have a decent death, at least that much for sure, also they didn’t want to see… that.

You know what I mean? Yes


“Any.” Adam said, looking her in the eye as he did “last words.”

“You’ll never know….” Mary whispered. The crowd was quiet, they wanted to hear if she had any last words, but they couldn’t wrap their heads around hers.

They’ll never found out what?

Her real last words?

Why she tried to kidnap their princess?

Why she didn’t try again?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t important, but many knew that the woman’s last words would stay in their minds and bug them till the end of their days.

The king just nodded to the guard and they slowly put their hand on the lever; ready to pull it and end this person’s life.

“NOOOOO!” A female’s voice shouted.

One that was very familiar to Mary’s ears, but not so much to about almost everyone else’s in the kingdom, the King and Queen decently didn’t know it, but the Princess did.  

The guard yelled in pain, as a shard of ice knocked his hand away from the lever. Everyone glared at Maxima and Lucia the two who were the only ice users in the room, or so they thought.

“WE DIDN’T DO IT!” Maxima yelled at the group of people, Lucia was simply used to this treatment all her life, something bad happens and it’s with a winter element, it must be her fault, since she must have some hand in it.

While they glared at the two innocent girls, they didn’t see the brown haired female walk up to them; they didn’t see that she had a frown on her face, hatred in her eyes and her stuff at ready for a fight.

“No.” they heard the voice again. They saw a girl with brown hair and eyes, giving them the most hateful look that must had seen in their eyes “They didn’t do it, I did and I won’t let you kill my mother.”

The poor, poor girl; most of the crowd had thought, the witch must have kidnapped her at a young age.

She turned and looked at the crowd with glare, than the king with pure hatred in her eyes “If anyone should be killed…” she whispered, very few people hearing her “ITS THE LOT OF YOU.”

The crowd was stunned no one had ever told them they should be killed, they saw her raise her arm above her head, when she was done a storm of ice shards fell from the sky.

Lucia and Maxima could only stand there and look at the girl who had powers similar to their own, they couldn’t move while everyone was trying not to get hit from the deadly ice, it would seem that their group and the Guardians weren’t aimed for.

“JACKIE.” Mary yelled. Her green eyes meet the brown of her silly beloved daughter’s eyes.

Jackie forgetting everyone was there; ran to her mother.


“Why… why’d…”

“I’ll never leave your side… I will never stop loving you… Mary… Mother, you’re the only one who will ever understand me and why I need to hide.” Jackie said, as she cut the rope around Mary’s arms, legs and neck. Both fell to their knees on the stage.

Jackie’s breath began to come in breath as she whispered so only Mary could hear her “You… said, that once I was old enough… you were going to leave me here… but this… this isn’t where I truly belong… I’ve always dreamed and wished… that one day… we could go anywhere, without our hoods… without fear… that one of us would go missing… because of it… I want to live in that place… where freedom truly lives and rules… for the two of us… I’d rather live alone, with just you… then in a kingdom like this one.”

Mary pulled her into a tight hug, feeling cold tears on her shoulder and neck, as well as the hot tears on her own checks.

“Oh.” A dark voice sneered “how touching. The witch and the winter child; aren’t you such a family.”

Mary upon hearing the voice tightened her grab on Jackie, well Jackie just whimpered.

“I’ve got to say.” The man said, as he stepped out of the shadows “I never knew the brat was so… devoted, to her so called… Mother, doesn’t it just warm your heart and very soul.”

Jackie just glared at him, but once she saw his face she gasped, she remembered his eyes.

He was the one who killed everyone in her village, aunts, uncles and friends killed by this one man.

“It was you.” She whispered, but everyone heard, the whole kingdom was quiet at this point at this point “I remember your eyes… the wolves… they were controlled… you made them… you killed everyone.”       

The End

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