Chapter EighteenMature

Jackie sighed as she walked down some random street in the kingdom. After leaving that horrible crowd of people, she just started to walk around randomly; because of the fact she spaced out she didn’t hear the light foot steps behind her.

“Hello, miss.” The voice of a young boy said.

When she turned around there was a boy of about eight, with brown hair and eyes. Holding his hands was a little girl of about five, she also looked like a many version of Rapunzel; with the hair, eye and even skin colour was the same has the long haired princess. If Jackie didn’t know better than she would have thought that the little girl was in fact Rapunzel’s sister, but she also knew that the king and queen were too scared to have another child in case what happened last time; happened again.

“I’m fine.” She told him, but from the look she was getting from him, was telling her that he wasn’t fouled.

“What’s your name?” She asked him, for the prophase of avoiding telling him what was wrong; far too young to know that.

“My name’s Jomall Redstone and I’m eight years old, this is my sister Safa, what’s your name?” Jomall replied to the strange girl’s question.

“My name’s Jaqueline Frost, but you can call me Jackie.” She told them, both gave her a reward winning smile, at least in her books they were.

“Jackie.” Safa said, while she giggled, cutely.

“How old are you Safa?”

“I’m Six.” Safa said, while holding up six of her fingers; she looked very proud of herself to be able to count to six, but she was more likely or not able to count to ten.

“How old are you?” Jomall asked.

“I’m eighteen, but what are an eight and six year old; doing by themselves without a parent or adult.”

“Me and Safa are orphan’s; besides we were only going to look at the stars like we do every night and no one cared before that we were by ourselves.” Jomall told her, but it looked like he was going to cry.

“I believe you, honest, but would it be okay; if I join you when you look at the stars.”

“We would love for you to join.” Jomall said, his face light up; like she told him that she was going to give him the moon.

The three walked into the woods; the forest was thick with trees and plants that it was a sight to see. While walking along the path, she made her stuff into a necklace, made the handle to her basket longer, put that over her left shoulder, so it rested on her right hip.

She did this to pick Safa up, as the six year old was getting behind them and Jackie herself almost being kidnapped at six, didn’t want the poor girl to go through what she did.

When Jomall showed her the clearing that they came to every night to see the stars, it didn’t have much, short grass and trees that made an almost perfect circle. Pretty flowers dotted here and there, but he led her to the middle of the clearing.

“So you guys came here every night?” Jackie asked, as put on of her blankets on the ground.

“Yes, me and Safa do this every night.” Jomall told her, wondering why she wanted to know.

“Jomall, it’s not; me and Safa; it’s Safa and I, you might want to know, before you meet someone who hates it when people say that.” Jackie told him, her mother being one of those people “But why every night?”

“We came every night to make a wish, you have a wish right?” Jomall told her, looking at her with a curious expression on his young face.

“Yea, I have a wish.”

“What is it?”

“I wish for a life that is happy with all my loved ones. What’s your Safa and Jomall?” Jackie replied

“I’ve got two, but I’ll tell you both; my first one is to have a snow day that’ll give enough fun to last a life time, but I know that won’t happen any time soon and to stay with Safa if and when we get adopted to a nice family.”

“I wish to meet Bunny.” Safa said, crawling into Jackie’s lap, as they sat down before the conversation had started.


“The Easter Bunny.” Jomall said, taking petty on the older female.

“You want to know what else I wish for.” Jackie said, as they watched the stars twinkle and flicker, making the night sky look magical.

“What is it?”

“I wish that we were like the stars. Beautiful and unique, never fearing change. Never leaving anyone.”

Jackie stopped when she felt weight on her side and front, looking down she saw that Jomall and Safa were asleep.

Not wanting to wake them up, and have Sanderson after her, she grabbed another blanket from her basket –have to love the basket that has everything that a person needs- and putting over the two, so in turn herself.

“Good-night kids.”

Mary was looking at the night sky, knowing that Jackie would be looking at the same stars; tomorrow she was going to die.

“You were hiding something from me.” A dark voice said “weren’t you Mary.”

Mary turned to look at the corner of the room; the tall man had black hair and silver eyes.

“Nightmare, it’s never a pleasure to see you, and here I thought I made it clear that I didn’t want to see you.” Mary said a bored expression on her face.

“Why not?”

“Searra’s fairies.”

“That put aside, you were hiding the child of winter from me.”

Mary’s eyes widened in fear, her blood ran cold, as fear took hold of her ever being, thoughts running through  her head; how did he know, she never told anyone, she couldn’t even if she wanted to, but she didn’t want to. Jackie never told anyone, hell she hardly left the tower to tell anyone! So how in the high heavens and hell did he know about Jackie?

“How do you know!” Mary demanded in a hiss.

Nightmare only laughed, it made Mary’s heart hollow at the horrible sound “I was the one that killed her village, her parents got away and before I could find them again, you came along. Now you’re going to die…” his silver eyes looked at her coldly before looking back at the wall “So her powers will be mine. So long Mary.”

Nightmare walked to the shadows of the corner before Mary could do anything to stop him and disappeared.

“No.” Mary sat as she sat on her bed, eyes wide and filled with tears “no… I can’t let him… my sweet daughter… I’ve got to protect her… but how?... can I keep her safe.”

Mary looked up at the moon through her window, praying and hoping that Jackie was safe and someone good found or will find her.


The End

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