Chapter SeventeenMature

The next day, they had finally reached the bridge that leads to the kingdom. Jackie smiled and ran forward; she waved at everyone that she passed.

She had changed from what she was wearing on the trip, she didn’t want to wear the old garment while looking around the kingdom, it would have made her stand out more than she already did.

“… I heard the witch was to be hang…”

“…burned at the…”


“…boiled alive in…”

Jackie held her stuff closer to herself, when she heard this; almost everyone was talking about her mother’s death. The only thing that she wanted was her mother, to run off with her and to never look back at this people. She was going to live on of her dreams, one where she didn’t have to hide who she was; to see her not as the embodiment of winter, –a season most people hate- but as a fun loving young girl. That her mother wasn’t looked at like she was an evil witch, –she was a witch, no point in denying that- but as the loving and caring mother/women that she really was. It was always hard for them, but Mary had changed in the last eighteen years, Jackie changed every year on her birthday, so why couldn’t everyone else change as well or just learn to accept it?

With a heavy sigh and heart, she looked at the castle that was in the distance, a white building that holds all that she loved.

Soon, mother, soon.

She sighed when the Guardians and Flynn caught up with her. They walked around showing her things and landmarks in the kingdom. To Jackie the tour was wonderful, no one knew her and that made it even more exiting to her.

Mel and Maxima smiled when Lucia and Rapunzel walked up to them, they were going out for the festival and a tour of the kingdom, since Mel hadn’t been in Corona before and when she was in the kingdom; she never left the castle since it was just for business and business only, it was also a break for Rapunzel; who kept asking Mary the same question over and over, again.

“Eamom.” Rapunzel cried, when she saw the brunette, but then she saw the girl behind him and wondered who she was. She had never seen her before, and she made sure that she knew almost everyone in the kingdom and get to know them a little bit.

‘She must be from anther kingdom or village, but she’s not from Corona’ Rapunzel thought

Flynn only groaned, when he heard his real name being used. There was one person and one person only that could use his first name, without him yelling at them or doing any physical harm, and that person was the princess herself. When he turned to face the blonde he held his arms out for a hug, smiling as her as he did.

“Rapunzel, hi… you’re not going to hit me over the head with a frying pan, again, are you?”

“Wait!” The brunette female shouted with a gleeful tone “The story of you having your ass handed to be a princess was true; and she really only used her hair and a frying pan.”

Flynn could only glare at the laughing female, he knew that if her tried anything Aster could be on his ass faster than he could say ‘Jackie’ and ‘I’m sorry’.

“Ha-ha-hardy-ha-ha…” He grumbled as a pout played on his lips.

Rapunzel started to giggle with the other girl, when he did that; he looked cute when he pouted, can’t really blame her, but she turned her attention back to the unknown female.

She had chocolate brown hair and matching eyes, with a golden snowflake? She was carrying a shepherd’s stuff, which she found strange on the girl. The dress she was wearing was a simple design in a baby blue, and she didn’t have any shoes on, Rapunzel thought that would have been painful.

“I’m Rapunzel.” She said, may as well be nice, for all she knew this could be Eamom’s sister. She held out her hand for the other to take and when she did take it, her hands were freezing cold.    

“It’s a pleasure. My name’s Jaqueline, but you may call me Jackie, I hate my full name, so please don’t call me by it.”

Jackie smiled, but her eyes kept getting drawn to the castle before them. She bit her lip and continued to look around, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself and have people question her on why she’s here, so if she continued to look around, they might just think she’s visiting and leave her to it.

Rapunzel nodded “Mary. She tried to kidnap me when I was a baby, on the day that I was born, but she wasn’t able to. She said that she had changed, but I’ve had a hard time believing that. What gift could melt a heart that was so cold? I just need to know…”

Jackie felt as if her heart just sink, she knew what that meant and she knew exactly what Mary meant by it.

Nine years ago

Jackie was nine years old, soon to be ten.

She was getting better at controlling her powers and her mother was getting better at her magic. She was a witch after all, good or bad; bad or good.

“Mother?” She asked on night.

Mary, who was starting to cook dinner, turned from what she was doing and faced her, repelling with “Yes, Jackie.”

“Why did you take me in?”

Mary was quiet and Jackie thought that she had asked the wrong thing; maybe she used of kept quiet and not ask.

“At first I took you in, because your real mother ask me to, and if I’d be honest, I planned to leave you at the edge of Corona when you were old enough, but…”

“But.” Jackie pushed

Mary smiled at her “But someone tried to take you away from me, only then did I realize how important you were to me. That no matter how much I tried to be the cruel, selfish women that I once was, the selfish part of me was gone. I realize that my frozen heart was melted, I was given the right gift for it to happen.”


“No.” Jackie was confused and she showed this when she titled her head slightly to the side “It was a family, a family to call my own. It’s someone to love and care for. You, Jackie, may have been given to me, but it was your love that melted my iced over heart.”

Jackie had ran over to her mother and hugged her, Mary then returned it after a few seconds of thinking what she has just told her daughter.

“I love you, Jackie.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you the most.”

Mother and daughter stayed in the embrace, not wanting the happy memory to end. When they did pull from the hug, both had smiles on their faces.

It was love, and it would always be love. The feeling of having a family, of having someone to care for her.

Jackie sighed and smiled at the memory.

She turned and saw that Flynn was being pushed, by a red haired girl, into a crowd that was dancing for one reason or another. She clapped and joined the crowd of dancing people.

Aster grumbled as he danced around ‘Dam you Searra.’

The music kept getting louder and louder, the beat got faster and faster, the dancers danced to the beat until….

…it stopped.

What he wasn’t expecting was standing behind Flynn.

What none of them were expecting was for Jackie and Rapunzel to end up in front of them. They smiled and turned around, when people said that the king was speaking to them.

Everyone walked to the balcony, where the king was located. He stood there smiling and proud; he coughed into his hand, and stood straighter; ready to give a speech.


The crowd cheered and Jackie wanted nothing more than to freeze everyone where they stood and if she did she’s have no regret over the action, the thing stopping her, was the fact that everyone would now her power and she’d never get a day of piece.


More cheering was heard from the crowd of people, did those people have hearts, she couldn’t take it anymore, so she walked of, to get as far from these horrible people as she could. That was her mother they were talking about, who they were going to kill; they couldn’t even be bothered to learn her name!

She didn’t care if she ended up as a wanted criminal, hunted for the rest of her life. She wanted her mother back; breathing and laughing.

Eventually the festival came to an end and everyone was heading home, or going to visit their friends.

Rapunzel smiled as Mel, Maxima and Lucia walked behind her.

“I see that you made a friend today.” Mel said

Rapunzel nodded her head and with a smile told Mel “But I’ve got a feeling that something’s going to happen tomorrow; something no one would be prepared for, or expect.”

The others nodded their head in agreement, they had the same feeling.

Something big was going to happen tomorrow, and they really didn’t mean Mary’s trail/death.

It was going to be bigger, much, much bigger.     

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The End

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