Chapter SixteenMature

The five that had come from Corona were looking at Jackie as she examined their hands.

‘Well, this isn’t weird at all’ they all thought at the same time.

Jackie gave them one look, before gentle blowing on their hands with blue, shimmering frost. The frost that was on Aster’s hand went up his arm and to the brush that would no doubt be there; from that dam horses kick.

“Just give it a minute.” She muttered.

A few seconds later, they wiped their hands clear of the frost and saw





Not a single mark was left on their hands, and Aster looked down his top and the brush wasn’t there anymore. This would be a good time to panic, right?

Yeah, it would be the perfect time to panic!

What’s not to panic about, well there was the fact that Jackie just healed their wounds; no matter how small they were and had control over the winter weather.

Yes, this would be a great time to have a full on panic attack, started to open their mouths and –

“Please don’t freak out! I did say there was more to my powers than what I had shown you, most likely there’s more to them than even Mary and I know.” Jackie yelled holding her hands out in front of herself, trying to calm them down.

Jackie picked up her stuff lightly in her hands, she was silent for a while, wondering if she could trust them with this piece of information, but then again she didn’t have a choice anymore.

“Listen, snowflake.” Aster began “You don’t have-”

“There’s a prophecy.” Jackie said, cutting Aster off “Mary showed it to me. She told me that night she failed to kidnap the princess; she found my parents. My father was already dead and my mother was not too far behind him. The last thing that she did was ask Mary to take care of me, let me know that they loved me and that they always will. I was only a baby when it happened.”

The others were intrigued, I mean who wouldn’t be? The thing about Jackie told them about they were able to break up into three parts.

Prophecy? Dead parents? And Mary being asked to take care of a baby?

“What’s the prophecy?” Flynn asked, wanting to know what it was, but as an afterthought he added “If you don’t mind, I mean.”


Jackie shook her head “I don’t mind. The prophecy goes like this….”

She closed her eyes and recited the prophecy from her photographic memory.

“On the eve of Winter Solstice,

A girl shall be born

She’ll be the daughter of Winter and Frost,

The child of Moon and Earth,

She’ll be the bearer of Frost,




And Fun.

On the eve of the Winter Solstice,

Her powers will peak.

But be warned, for they’ll be others

Who’ll come near and far,

For the power that she holds”


Jackie opened her eyes and looked at the others for their reactions, but they seemed pretty calm about it, but Jackie guess that they couldn’t tell what it meant.

“Mary at first didn’t know what it meant until my birthday. On my birthday I change. My powers are strong, because I’m Winter itself, I’m the child of Snow, Daughter of Winter and Snow, also the Daughter of Earth and Moon. My power’s I can use every day, but on my birthday and the few days that follow my powers are at their peak and go wild, I’ve got to go out and spread them. I become the embodiment of winter, but that can lead… to a lot of trouble. When I was six someone tried to kidnap me for one reason or another. I was freaking out, so unless she was with me, I never went because…”

“You were afraid to leave your tower.” Searra stated like it was a fact, it was a fact, but she couldn’t believe that she had to go throw all that at a young age, had it been her she would have reacted the same way, I mean you almost get kidnap only for years later to have people break into your home, looking for your love one and the one that made you fill safe, she would hate them in Jackie’s position.

“Promise not to tell? Pinkie promise? As I always say, a promise isn’t true unless it’s a pinkie promise.”

The others just laughed at the little bit at childish part of Jackie, but they did it anyway, just to give her more peace, so she can take a nap before they started to move out again.

They sat around the fire and told stories together. Nothing could have made this nigh any worse than it already was, that and most the stories that were told were funny; Jackie’s favourite was the one Searra told about Flynn being beaten by a princess.      

The End

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