Chapter fifteenMature

Mary was scowling at the blonde before her, honestly this was getting predictable and the blonde herself was getting predictable as well, since she would come to her cell every day, before the guards showed up.



“I’ve asked you once and I’ll ask you again, who has soon you enough love; that you would completely change.”

Mary had made no move to answer the princess’ question in fact she had no desire to, didn’t the first time and she wouldn’t this time either. Instead she found her hair more interesting than Rapunzel and started to play with it. Twirling it around her fingers, really does this girl have nothing better to do; they might need to get her a hobby.

Mary turned to the blonde; she planned to tell her something, but it wasn’t what she wanted, instead she was going to tell her that this was just a waste of time, but how to put it into words; after a few seconds of thought she had the answer.

“You know, Rapunzel, it’s quite foolish of you to ask me that. You should have learned by now, that no matter what I won’t answer it.”

Rapunzel frowned as she thought of a way to make her agree “If you tell me, I can give you something, I can give you, your freedom.”

Mary looked at her in complete shock, first she uses her name instead of calling her witch, and now she wants to give her, her freedom, but what’s the cost of that freedom.

“As…… tempting as that sounds, I can’t take it. With not for the safety of you and everyone in the kingdom, but for the one that has melted my heart and chanced me for the better.”

Rapunzel opened her mouth, but a tap on her shoulder stopped her dead in her tracks. She looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Maxima; that only meant one thing, that it was time to go since the guards were on their way soon.

Muttering a good-bye to Mary, one that was returned. When the two girls walked along the halls of the dungeon back to the place they stayed quiet, Rapunzel was thinking about what Mary had told her, more importantly what she wasn’t telling her.

They were walking into the throne room, when a voice stopped was heard. 

“Well, someone looks like her prince turned out to be an asshole.” The voice had a heavy Scottish accent; it was also in a mocking tone.

Rapunzel and Maxima turned to look for the owner of the voice, she was a good friend’s of theirs, it was no other than Mel.

Her full name was Melangell Russell, an eighteen year old who was without a word, a tomboy. In fact the only reason she was wearing the emerald green dress was because her mother made her, otherwise; she more than likely be wearing male’s clothing and not females. Her bobbed cut red hair was as straight as a ruler. She had bright eyes, surrounded by tanned skin, showing that she spend most her time outside and not inside like most royalty do.

“Mel.” She cried, running up to one of her best friends, giving her a hug.

Mel just smiled as she hugged the small girl back; she was a head taller than her. “I’m didn’t come by myself.”

Rapunzel wondered what she meant by that, well until skinny arms snaked behind her.

She squealed and turned around to find who it was and it no either than: Keran Guzman

Keran Guzman was the leader of the Vikings or he would be, once his old man gave him the position. He was a skinny man, but don’t let his size fool you, he could go into a fight with someone four times larger than he was and still win. He was one of the kindest souls that you could meet, with a heart of gold to go with it. He had large meadow green eyes, surrounded by tanned skin and light brownish-blonde hair.

Just behind him was his wife: Sosi Guzman. She was like Mel as in the fact that they’re both tomboys, but the difference is that Sosi can fight and she can kill, a pretty face, but don’t piss her off. She had reddish-blonde hair that she kept in a braid, which went to the middle of her shoulder blades. Her brown eyes had a mischievous shine to them; she was also nineteen teen years old. Like her husband for a year she wore fur boots and vest. With a plain shirt, but she didn’t have brown pants, but a brown skirt.

“Hello, Rapunzel.” Keran said, while chuckling behind his hand.

“Keran.” Rapunzel shouted. The three friends went back to their hug. They had met as children, but that was a different story, for a different time.

Karen smiled at Sosi as she walked up to the three, Rapunzel always love the story on how the two met, she thought that it was cute and they were just in love.

Sosi looked at Rapunzel and asked “What’s this about a trail?”

Rapunzel looked at her and sighed “We caught Mary… but, she’s said she’s changed and her behaviour backs it up… but I don’t know if she’s-”

“Faking.” Mel asked

Rapunzel nodded “When I asked her why didn’t try to kidnap me after the first attempt, she said that even the coldest of hearts can melt even the right gift.”

“What does that mean?” Sosi asked.

Rapunzel shrugged “She won’t say… not even when I offered her, her freedom. She told me that it’s for her special one’s safety.” 

The other’s looked at the floor, Mary’s trail was soon and they wanted the answer to the riddle that she told Rapunzel.

She was going to tell them what the gift was; and how it melted her heart of ice.

Before anyone can ask Sosi is a real name, it's an Armenian name same with her husband's name :)

Also irony Mel's full name means 'Sweet Angel'

The End

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