Chapter FourteenMature

Jackie smiled when she woke up; the others as far as she could tell were still asleep. A while ago; a few years ago, she craved something onto one of the trees to show that Corona was only about a day’s travel. 

A few feet to left was a tree, but on that tree was a craving of a snowflake, by sunrise they’ll be in Corona.

“Wake up!” She yelled after a few seconds of staring at her handiwork.

Everyone had jumped up; thinking that they were under attack, but when they saw no one, but Jackie; who was looking at them with a smug grin.

She rolled her eyes at their behaviour; as they sat down on their on their sleeping bags, when they did sit down Jackie grabbed her basket and pulled breakfast from it.

“Eat.” She said, as she handed them their piece of bread and an apple. “We’re almost there, it’s about ten hours away, but counting a few hours for breaks and stuff; a day. When we do stop for rest; get some sleep on most of them. We’re going to walk through the night.”

The others just looked at her; like she grew another head, but still they eat their breakfast and went back to walking along the path.

“Aster.” Searra said, looking at the youngest male in their team “Are you okay.”

“Huh.” Was his response as looked at her “Oh, yeah, I’m fine…” then he went back to doing what he was doing before Searra called him; staring at the back of Jackie’s head.

It didn’t take a genius to be able to put one and one together, but sadly for Aster, Searra despite acting like an air head most times, was really smart and was able to pick up on it right away.

Aster was falling in love with Jackie. She’d give him some time to tell herself, but if her takes too long then she’ll step in; but knowing Aster as well as she did, he would hate for her to do that.

Flynn sighed, he should have ran when he saw the first opportunity, but no something was stopping him from doing that, no it wasn’t something it was; someone. He was starting to like the blonde haired and green eyed beauty, or at last she was very pretty from his point of view, ever since she wacked his head with a frying pan.   

She’s a princess Flynn thought. How and why did even have a frying pan, to begin with.

Shaking his head free from the thought, he continued to walk with the others.

A few hours later, they were taking their break.

“I know a great place for some grab.” Flynn said, out of the blue as it was. The others looked at him and then they looked at Jackie.

Seeing this, Jackie just shrugged and said “Lead the way Flynn with the goat man.”  

“Not that again!” Flynn groaned, but still lead them –mumbling about girls being far to cheerful and horrible nicknames, as he did- down a path until they came in front of a smallish building that was made out of grey stone that had moss covering most of it. At the front of the path in front of the building there was a sign that said ‘Cuddle Teddy’ and by all reason there was a picture of a smiling Teddy Bear under it.

Nick smirked when he saw the sign and building, he and the others had been here before, but he wasn’t so sure about Jackie being here, if what Searra had told them was true, then she barely left her tower, so there’s a change that she didn’t even know it existed.

“Girly, have you been here before?” Aster asked.

Jackie shock her head, no, she hadn’t been here before.

They walked to the door and Flynn throw the door open, without so much as a word, and shouted

“Hello, may we have your finest table please.”

Jackie gasped, when saw the inside of the building, animals –dead ones- were on the wall as decoration, a large fireplace on the far wall. There were few tables and chairs placed around the place, but the thing that stood out the most was the piano, it was a bit worn and rotten, but still… a piano. She wondered how they got that.

“Nick.” One of the many people in the place yelled, Jackie, sweet, sweet Jackie went into defence mood, when she did look at the people in the building, thugs and a lot of them, why would Nick know them. She had her hand tightly around her stuff; and her other hand going towards her dagger. Aster smiled at her; when he saw the position she was in, he thought she looked cute, but he wouldn’t say that out loud; even under torture.

“That’s a nice stuff…” one of the thugs said, reaching out to touch the piece of wood, but all Jackie did was hide behind Aster; her eyed were wide, as she pulled her belongings closer to herself, so none of it went missing.

“Girly, Jackie are you okay?” Aster asked

“If you don’t feel comfortable here, we can go somewhere else to eat.” Flynn suggested, as he looked at the scared girl.

“No, I’ll be fine.” Jackie said, Aster just sighed as he pulled the girl to his side, putting his arms around her shoulders to make her feel safe, and remind her that she wasn’t by herself.

They went to one of the tables that were on the side of the room. It was one with chairs could sit three on it, with a table in the middle. Nick, Aster and Jackie sat on one side, while Sanderson, Flynn and Searra sat on the other side.

The group had ordered their drinks and food, Jackie without knowing it was making it snow in the Traven and more surprising was the fact no one noticed the slow built up of snow, where it never snowed; inside.

After a few minutes of enjoying their mean and having random conversation, the door burst open; again. Showing a guard that was looking for something or someone, seeing the group he went over to them.

“There you are.” He said to what he thought were only five people –Jackie was curled into Aster’s side, so he didn’t see her- “The witch’s trail is in two days, hurry up and get to the palace.” He looked around; confused as to why they was snow inside, but he didn’t ask he only barked “And clean this up.”

“That was close.” Jackie said, popping back up “Is there a way to get out of here, without you-know-who following us?”

“Dan.” Nick shouted and a man with an eye patch over his left eye, he was a big as Nick, but he had more muscle and had no hair. “Is there a way to leave the Traven without the guard being able to following us, easily?”

Dan nodded, leading them to the corner of the Traven where they was a rope with a small teddy bear hanging on the end of it, he pulled on it and on the other side was a secret passage, and a dark tunnel.

“Here you go, Nick and goof luck, make sure you visit more.”

With that they went down the passage, after a few moments of silence it was broken by loud, echoing footsteps, Jackie looked behind her to see what was making the noise.

Behind them was a male about her height, which was short since she only reached Searra’s shoulders. He had as muscles’ as Aster, but he had an axe and a lot of scars on his person.

“Guys.” The others turned back to see what Jackie had wanted, but when Flynn saw the man, he knew who he was, eyes widened in fear and he yelled.


Well, no one had to be told twice, as the man looked down right pissed.

They ran as fast as they could, Jackie was leaving trails of ice behind them, hoping that it would trip or slow down the man.

“We’re trapped.” Searra yelled, as they reached the bridge and it seemed someone had cut the rope bridge that was there, people need to stop making bridge’s out of ropes and this wouldn’t happen as often. The person who was chasing them saw this through the tunnel and smiled, he was getting closer to him and that little bastard that had stolen his gold.

There wasn’t many ways to escape as the bridge was broken in front of them, there was a rushing river below the cliff, the air above them and the man who was chasing them, this couldn’t get any worse.

“Who is her?” Jackie asked.

“He really doesn’t like me.” Flynn admitted

“That’s great and all, but I asked who he was, not why he was chasing us.”

“That I don’t know.”

Then whining and neighing was heard to the left, when they looked it was horses, half with man in black.

“What are THEY?”

“They don’t like us and we don’t really know WHAT they are.” Aster said this time.

Jackie spanned to the left and saw a man with black hair and pale grey skin with sliver eyes that only showed anger.

“Who is that?”

Nick getting tired of the questions; spun her to face him, shacking her shoulders “Let’s just assume that everyone who comes and is here, doesn’t like one of us.”

Jackie nodded her head; she knew she couldn’t show her fear, well at least now in front of the enemy.  

“Here.” She yelled, giving her dagger to Searra and jumped off the cliff. She let the wind take her safely to the other side.

The others of her group were surprised to the say the least. The men on the horses were smiling, so was really-needs-to-go-into-the-sun-more guy.

One of the horse had ran to the group, and kicked Aster in the stomach, that snapped out whatever he was in, as he started to fight back.

“Just so you all know.” He yelled “This is going on the top of my list for the ‘weirdest things I was forced to do’, in all my nineteen years, I’ve never had to fight a horse.”

The fight itself didn’t last ever long, as Sanderson used the smoke bombs that he had in a pocket on the inside of his jacket.

They trusted Jackie to use the wind to bring them safely to the other side, the wind picked them up and did just that.

“She can make snow…” Searra said, as her feet touched the ground, not caring about the scarps on her hands, well more like scratches.

“And can use the wind…” Nick continued, a look of awe on his face, not even noticing the scarps on his hands.        

“She can freeze things…” Flynn said “Why can she freeze things, in face, why is it that everyone I ran into can do things and I can’t.”

“GUYS!” Jackie yelled, they turned to look at her and she continued “I can’t do all that, well I can, but there’s a lot more to it, then that. Why don’t we set up camp and I’ll explain.”

The others looked behind each other, they were nervous about what they were going to find out. Searra was the most nervous of them, she still remembered the conversation that they had and when she said she didn’t want to tell her, and that it was for their own safety.

“Bloody hell.” Aster groaned, as he ribbed his cut and bleeding palms together “This better be worth it.”

With that they started to look for a good place to set up camp for a few hours.    

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, as you can tell I'm not really good at writing fight scenes and I hope that I get better at it, as my writing improves.

Please tell me what you think and what I can improve!!

The End

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