Chapter ThirteenMature

Rapunzel, Lucia and Maxima were walking towards the witch’s cell. Rapunzel wanted to know why the women didn’t try to kidnap her after the first time. Rapunzel thought about the times were she went too far from her parents or guards and nothing no one tried to take her.

“Punzie.” Maxima whispered to her cousin, snapping her out of her thoughts “Do you really want to do this?”

“Yes, Maxima. I need to do this.” Rapunzel whispered back.

“But why?” Lucia asked, kinda already knowing the answer, but wanting to make sure she was right.

Rapunzel stopped before the door, she turned to Maxima and Lucia.

“You both know that I’m going to have to face her sooner or later. I want it to be sooner, with the two of the people that I trust most and not the kingdom.”

“Okay. We’ll stay with you…” Lucia started

“…To give you love and support.” Maxima finished  

“Thank-you, I only want to ask a few questions and mother and father will think that we’re in my room and won’t come look for us for a while.”

When the door opened they heard humming and it was a very pretty song, the woman that was in there was very pretty for her age, but that wasn’t important to the three girls, they just wanted the truth and answers.

When Mary heard the door open at first she thought that it was the guards bring, the thing that they tried to pass for food, but no instead she saw three girls. Mary knew right away that three princesses were in her cell, not that she cared if they were royal or not, but that was what got her in trouble all those years ago.

“What’s your name?” Maxima asked, no one knew her name and it made asking questions easier if you knew the person’s name and could address them. That and it made everyone more human that why and not an object.

“My name’s Mary. Mary Murray.”

“Mary, I came to ask a few questions.” Rapunzel said

“May as well… it’s not like I’m going to do anything.” Mary sighed.

“Why did you try and kidnap me?”

For your hairs ability and your parents took what wasn’t their’s.”

“And you couldn’t. Where did you hide?”

“Deep in the woods.”

“Why didn’t you try again?”

“Dear child, it’s because even the coldest of hearts can melt when given the right gift, now you and your friends might want to leave; before the guards come, I’m sure your father would hate to know that you were talking to the witch, even more so the location where the convention took place. Your mother might be scared that something had happened and I was the one who did it.”

Rapunzel gave Mary one more look before leaving Lucia and Maxima hot on her heels.

They were walking back to Rapunzel’s room, on the way they were quiet, but when they entered the room, Rapunzel was the one to break the silence.

“Wonder what she meant by that?”

“Meant by what?” Lucia asked

“That even the coldest hearts can be melted given the right gift. Right?” Maxima asked, while she jumped up and down with her hand in the air.

“Yes.” Rapunzel nodded her head and thought about what that would mean.

“She might have meant love. But who could love someone like her.” Lucia stated as if it was a fact.

“I think that everyone is good at heart, maybe the person she meant saw the goodness within her and help bring it out and gave her a second chance to show that she changed.” Maxima said, folding her arms over her chest. She never believed what others said about a person with getting to know the person first, which is why that jerk went after her and not her sister.

“That must be it.” Lucia agreed “or I can’t think of anything else. That person might as kind as you are Maxima, because it’s not something I’d do.”

Sorry that most of the chapters are short, it was just the way they came out

The End

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