Chapter TwelveMature

“You lost your family?” Jackie asked, carefully, trying not to upset the older woman, who was still hugging her.

“Yes.” Searra said

“What happened?” Jackie asked, she found that it was better to talk about what happened and that it helped find the answer, but she still returned the hug.

“Nightmare: He took my fairies and locked them up. When we did find where he hid them, we were almost too late. All of them were really weak and some of them were seconds away from death’s door. Baby was one of the many that were almost dead, in fact she should of dead that day, but she was a strong one and lived.” Searra said, tears coming to her eyes, and falling down her checks and into Jackie’s hair.

“It’s not your fault, Jackie; you weren’t even born when it happened. Sadly, Mary was working for him, I didn’t know her name back then, but still I could never find it in my heart to forgive her and I’ll never forgive Nightmare, not for all the pain that he brought me and my friends. You know we didn’t always know each other it wasn’t until a few years before this happened that we meet.”

Jackie and Searra just stood there, hugging each other for the comfort that the other brought.

“Jackie, I don’t want to upset you, but what happened to your parents, your real ones I mean?”

Jackie pulled out of the hug and stood up “My real parents were murdered, who I don’t know. But Mary took me in when I was but a few months.” She turned and glared at the trees in front of her “Do you know why, why I stayed, besides from the fact that Mary treated with nothing, but kindness, it’s because of something that no one would understand, of something out of my control. It’s not like I don’t trust you, but it’s just safer for everyone if I don’t tell you, it’s for your own good.”

Searra watched Jackie leave with great sadness, her heart want out to the poor child, who had just lost another mother, Jackie went back to the campsite and Searra stayed where she was to think about what Jackie had told her.

Did Mary know what Nightmare was going to do to her fairies? Did she regret that she joined him? What was so dangers’ that Jackie couldn’t even tell them? And why must this girl lose everything close to her? Dear Moon, this must be a sick joke.   

Searra stayed there for a few minutes her thoughts going round and round her head, when she did walk back to the camp, Jackie was already asleep; lying on the soft grass, a soft blue blanket over her, and more impartially to Searra she had a small smile on her face, as if she was dreaming of better times, or that her dream came true: whatever that dream was.

Flynn and the other Guardians were looking at her sadly, before rolling over and going to sleep themselves, preparing for the long walk ahead of them.

When they did wake up, it was to Jackie’s humming. None of them knew the song, but to their half-asleep minds they just let it pull them back into the world of the living.

“What’s that song?” Aster asked, as he stretched like a cat, getting up and packing up his stuff.

“It’s a lullaby that mother would sing to me, when I couldn’t sleep.” Jackie answered, picking up her very few things that she brought with her.

After that they packed up the rest of camp and continued to walk around the forest.

“Do you even know where you’re going” Flynn asked

“Yes, just because I’ve lived in a tower all my life, it doesn’t mean that I never left the thing, do you really think that mother had me trapped in there for eighteen years, right?” Jackie replied, while rolling her eyes at Flynn’s stupid question.

The others just looked at her and she knew from then on that yes, they really did think that mother trapped her in the tower for eighteen years against her will. Well, at least Searra knew that was true and the truth behind the whole thing. She did, but… come on.

“Whatever, let’s just get going. Got a lot of ground to cover.”

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The End

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