Chapter ElevenMature

Mary never said a word; since she was caught going home from the markets, nothing when they dragged her back to Corona.

When she was placed in front of the king and queen, who had demanded answers; nothing, she did nothing and kept her mouth under lock and key. They may get everything they want from other people, just by them telling them to do it, but she was different. She had something precise to protect and no amount of screaming and yelling was going to do any difference.

She just glared at them when she was dragged, but still not a word left her mouth of any kind.

Not about Jackie

Not about the prophecy

And all she could do was hope that they never found out about either of those two things.

‘I’ll take it to my grave.’ She thought as she was brought to the dungeons and in front of a cell.

As soon as the guard unlocked her chains, she was harshly pushed into the dirty cell, without any level of mercy for a crime that was eighteen years old.

“You have until Friday to live.” The guard sneered “Enjoy your last days alive: Witch.”

Mary just glared at him as he left; she could understand why they called her twin sister a witch that women didn’t have a kind bone in her body, but then again people always thought she was her.

The lullaby she used to sing to Jackie as child came into her mind. This song was to help Jackie sleep, but to also make her feel loved and safe.

I’ll never let you go

For a mother always knows,

Trust your heart and you’ll see

The beauty that comes from snow

Don’t let time get you,

And hold on to your dreams.

I’ll never say good-bye,

I’ll never leave your side.

Hold onto the ones you love,

And never let them go

Look deep inside your heart and keep it in mind.

I’ll be there for you,

For as long as we shall live,

I’ll hold you in my arms…

And never let you go

Keep the wind in your soul

And winter in your heart.

Be true to who you are

And I promise

That someday

You’ll go very far.  

Authors Note-

Please comment on what I can do better.

I love this story since it was like a remix to the classical Rapunzel story. The thing that always confussies me is that they know the lady's name.

I mean when she kidnaps her, it wasn't like king was 'Guards, what's your name?"


"Mary's kidnapping the princess."

I mean come on, you don't do that, so no one knows her name, but Jackie of course until she tells Searra.


The End

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