Chapter TenMature

Adam and Elizabeth were waiting in the throne room, waiting for their daughter.

“Father, you called.” Rapunzel asked when she entered the room.

“Someone’s waiting for you, or should I say two someone’s.”

Stepping from behind two chairs were her cousins. One was older than her and the other was younger.

The eldest was Lucia Vasquez, while she herself was only eighteen, Lucia was twenty-four. She had beautiful long white blonde hair that she kept in a neat high pony tail. Pale skin and wide dark grey eyes with soft pale pink lips. Lucia was like a Polecian doll when talking about her looks, but she had a heart of gold.

The youngest of the three was Maxima Vasquez who had golden hair that was kept down, just reaching her shoulders. Her green eyes were full of joy and wonder as she looked at Rapunzel. Her tanned skinned arms were shown as the sleeve of her light pink dress was pushed down, when she waved her arms around in pure happiness. Maxima was pretty like her sister, but her personality scared most people away from the loving girl.


Rapunzel just laughed as she somehow got all that, then again she had known Maxima since she was born.   

“Wait, who’s Hudson and Charles.”

Lucia bit her lip and played with her pale blue traveling dress as laughter threatened to escape her lips.

“He was a greedy asshole.” Lucia said, when she finally calmed down “He made Maxima think she was in love with him and that he was the one, but he plans were to kill the two of us from the start. Charles was the one who saved Maxima when Hudson had someone kidnap her. Then she came back and saved me, before he could finish what he planned and wanted to do.”

Maxima went red in the face, when he sister said that, but she was smiling showing that she was happy with the results, but not happy with the way the results were gained.

“You two are early, not that I’m not happy that you’re here, because I’m very happy that you’re here, but still you’re early, really early, from when we planned your visit.”

“We heard that the witch was caught.” Lucia said

“And news does travel fast, so we thought we would come early.” Maxima finished

“To give you the support you’ll need and Arendelle isn’t that far away.”

Rapunzel nodded as the two sisters went to her and gave her a hug, her pink dress going around her legs when they hugged her.

She nodded and asked “Lucia and Maxima how are you’re powers?”

“They’re going well and we’ve almost got them down.” Lucia told her.

“But sometimes we wish that we weren’t the only ones with this…… gift.” Maxima said. 






The End

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