Chapter NineMature

“Hey…” Poke



“Cold, ow!!”


“Not cool.”

Sorry about that goat man, but German Santa, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Kangaroo were awake and we wanted to make sure that you didn’t die on us.” Jackie said with a smile on her face, you could tell that she was holding something, and Flynn guessed that it was the bucket that now laid next to his feet.

“Can you stop calling us that, we have names?” Aster yelled at Jackie

All she did was smile at him “But I don’t know them.” She really didn’t, if she had known them she would have called them by their names out loud and by their nicknames in her head, what she had some level of manners, Mary would have killed her otherwise. Not really, but you get the picture.

“Sorry about that Jackie.” Nick said “My name is Nicholas St. North, but you can call me Nick.”

“My names Searra Fae.” She said with a smile on her face.

My name is Sanderson Luna.” Sanderson said, with a sneaky grin he added “I’m thirty-nine.”

“Cool, I thought you were older then you looked.” Jackie said, she was never one to judge someone’s age on their looks or behaviour, as doing so is unfair and you’re most likely going to get it wrong.

“Girly, I’m, E. Aster Warren.” He said, while crossing his arms over his chest.

Jackie started giggling and shouted “Easter, your names Easter. I love your mother already and I haven’t even made her, her love of humour and irony must be great.”

Aster just glared at her, Nick was quickly told her something else before the situation got any worse.

“The person that you just dumped water and bucket on is Eamom-”


“That’s not your real name.”

“I really don’t care, it’s better than Eamom and Goat man.”

Jackie giggled, swinging her dagger and freeing Flynn from his bindings. Rubbing his wrists and shoulders as he got up.

He looked at the others and sadly it didn’t look like they had their weapons back yet, well at least Jackie is smarter than she looks, then he looked at the girl in question.

Her long brown hair was up in a milk-maids braid, she was holding her stuff with her right hand and a basket of something in her left. While Baby just sat on her shoulder.

The dress that she was wearing was different from the one they had seen her in last night, same colour, but it was to her knees and not her ankles, it also looked older and more worn, showing off her tanned legs.

“Okay.” She said, opening the curtain to a large window “Everybody out.”

“You want us to jump out a window.” Aster said, looking at Jackie with a blank face.

Jackie nodded and when no one looked like they knew what was going on or was going to make a move. She sighed, got onto the window’s ledge and jumped.

“NO!” All five yelled, running to the window and there they saw Jackie on the ground… and perfectly fine.

She patted Baby’s head and shot the five a smug grin.

“But how……” they all wondered. Flynn gulped as he was pushed forward to the window, he climbed the ledge and down the side of the tower, there he saw a rope that was on a pole half-way down the seventy foot tower.

Searra climbed down and soon she was passing him and she passed him, in a very mature fashion; shuck her tongue out at him.

Flynn couldn’t help, but groan as the other guardians passed him, one by one.

‘Stupid’ he thought angrily ‘no good jerks…… making me-’


He slipped off the edge of the tower, one centimetre away from the rope.


And he fall into the pond that was at the edge of the tower.

“Pfffttt.” Jackie tried not to laugh at him, she really did, but what got to her was when a family of ducks swam past him, the mother and six ducklings, all quacked at him as they passed and she just started to laugh her guts out.

The Guardians had stopped to see what Jackie was laughing at, but upon seeing Flynn, sitting in the pond, with a lily-pad on his head, they to almost lost themselves to laughter, but then a frog had jumped onto the lily-pad and cracked, they lost it and almost pissed themselves laughing. 

“Oh, hardy-har-har.” Flynn grounded out “Laugh it out why don’t you. Come on!”

Jackie just sighed as he got out of the pond and walked into the woods. She used her stuff to move tree branches and vines, only to let them full into the faces of the five that had invaded her home/tower and were now helping her rescue her mother.

Baby tapped on Jackie’s check and pointed at Searra.

“So, she’s your mother?”

Baby nodded with a smile on her face.

“Well, I can see the resemblance, you have the same hair and eye colour.”

A small glance from Baby to her and then her mother.

“What do you want me to do? Mary had told me everything about her past, from finding my parents, to wishing to start over. I know about her crimes and about my real parents being dead. What I don’t understand is why everyone wants to break us apart?”

Eventually, they had stopped for a lunch break. Jackie handed everyone bread, cheese and an apple, she gave Baby some berries and she seemed really about getting the fruits. 

Searra walked up to Jackie and said “Thanks for taking care of Baby for me.”

“It’s okay.” Jackie said, as Baby went from her shoulder to her mother’s “It wasn’t a problem, Searra.”

“I’m still graceful. You took care of my baby girl and I’ll never forget that.”

Jackie just nodded as she looked at the only other female in the group. She stood and whispered “Can I talk to you. Alone.”

With that she walked further into the forests, not looking back to see if Searra was following her or not.

Everyone looked at Searra, as she too got up, shrugged and followed Jackie into the forest, until she saw the brown haired girl sitting on a fallen tree trunk.   

Searra was running a finger through Baby’s soft black hair.

“You.” She began “wanted to talk to me?”

Jackie nodded as she looked down into her lap, she said.

“I want to know why.”

Searra was caught completely off guard, with how innocent she made it sound.

“Why what?”

“I want to know why you want my mother dead? When you don’t even know her name.”

Searra bit down her lip as she responded “For the safety of the people of Corona.”

She had thought that they made that perfectly clear from the start.

“But that’s just it.”

Okay, this conversation was getting confusing, really confusing and really quickly as well.

Jackie lifted her head to stare at Searra and what she saw on her face almost broke her heart in two.

What she saw in Jackie’s open eyes was

Fear and Sadness

Anger and Hatred

But the one thing that Searra saw that no mother would ever want to see on her child’s face, and it scared her the most.


Her eyes looked lost.

Throw tears that haven’t left her eyes, it looked as if everything was taken away from her.

“You want to keep Corona safe, but the thing is mother had changed. Why do you still go after her? I just want her back.”

“Jaqueline, I don’t know what to say.” Searra stated, as she sat next to the brunette and pulled her into a hug “What’s her name.”

“Mary. Mary Murray.”

“I thought it was Gothel.”

“No, that’s Mary’s sister, she never leaves her place, like ever.”

“Well, Mary seems very… mothering towards you.”

“I can’t tell you why…”

“Why can’t you tell me?”

“Because you’d never believe me. You’re a mother Searra, how would you feel if Baby was taken away for you? Too lose the only family you’ve ever known?!”

Jackie looked up at her with confusion written clearly on her face.

“What do you mean?”

“It was a long time ago………”         


The End

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