Chapter EightMature

It’s been thirty minutes since Jackie had knocked out the five that had entered her tower, then tied them to chairs back-to-back and they…… wait they’re starting to wake up.

Jackie seeing this climbed to the rafters, hiding in the shadows, -so they didn’t see her- she had her stuff, but she also had a small dagger strapped to her leg just in case, it was given to her by Mary when she was thirteen for that reason.

“Ugh… my bloody head… ugh… I can’t move, I can’t move.” The youngest looking of the group said, his light brown hair whipping around his head as he looked around, the others hearing this opened their eyes, and saw that they were tied up, with rope and…

“Ice, we’re tied to together with ice, great… first it was Hair, now it’s Ice, great this is just the icing on the…”

“Shut up.” The women shouted at him.

“I agree, shut up.” A man said with a soft German accent.

“Please be quiet all three of you.” The golden haired man said with a slight annoyed expression on his face.

Baby Tooth knowing her mother voice and face anywhere, jumped from Jackie’s shoulder to her, she might have gone to her when she first saw her, but she was knocked out, so…

“Baby Tooth.” Jackie cried as the fairy left her shoulder, making sure to stay in the shadows –just in case, can’t be too careful- she came closer to them.

The group turned their heads, when silent footsteps were heard. When Jackie pointed her stuff at them, only then did she came out of the shade and into the light were they could see her.

“Whoa……” one of them said and he looked like a…… goat, what same by see his looks as handsome, but all she can see is a…… goat.

“Who the hell are you and how the hell did you find my home?” Jackie asked, giving them a harsh glare that could have scared even the devil himself.     

“Oh, I’m so sorry about that.” The women said smiling at her sadly “We thought that this was the witch’s home and that she lived here.”

“She does live here, in fact she’s my mother and I’ll see to it: that you leave here empty handed.” Jackie said with a light shrug of her shoulders.

“Your mother.” Four yelled, the one with the golden hair just stared at her with shock written all over his face.

“The most wanted person in the kingdom is you mother?” the German accented man said.

“Yes.” Jackie said “For the last eighteen years.”

“Your mother almost kidnapped the princess, we just have to find her and take her back to the royal family, and does it look like I want to be here, kid…” Goat man said.

“Jacqueline, but you may call me Jackie.” Jackie told them, not wanting to be called ‘kid’ by anyone.

“After we find her, we can take you back to your parents.” Nick said, hoping that the young girl in front of them would agree.

All Jackie did was shot them a strange look, huffing while she raised her stuff up like one would do a sword or dagger.

Baby tooth patted her mother’s check and flew back to Jackie’s shoulder, she patted Jackie’s check trying to claim her down, so she didn’t freeze her mother into an ice cube.

“Can you smile  for me, please?” Searra asked, Jackie blinked, completely confused on why the lady wanted her to smile, but she did it anyway, there was no harm in smiling, right?

When she did smile, Searra started to squeal and go all fan girl on her and Jackie closed her mouth faster, than you could you say her name.

“Your teeth are so white! They look like freshly fallen snow! How do you do it?! Is there a secret? Is it the toothpaste you use? And if it is what tooth paste do you use?” She just kept asking question after question about Jackie’s teeth and how white they were and how she did it.

“Be really glad and thankful that her hands are tied, or else they’d be in your mouth right now.” Aster said or as Jackie had nicknamed him; kangaroo, it was the Australian accent, and the first Australian thing that popped into her head.

“So I have the German Santa, Kangaroo, Goat man, Tooth fairy and Sandman.” Jackie said, as she slowly walked around them, in case they got ideas. “This is the best the royal family can come up with.”

“Hey, I’m not a kangaroo, girly.” Aster said, how in the high heavens she got the jobs of his friend’s right, but got his wrong was beyond him.

Jackie just rolled her eyes at him and continued like he hadn’t spoken. “But you have to listen to me, your unarmed. You’re trapped and more importantly. You’re in my domain. You can leave with your lives, but without anything that belongs to me and my mother, also neither of us. You leave even one hint where we live and I’ll kill you.”

As she said this, she pulled out her dagger and placed it under Aster’s throat “Or, you  can stay here, learn to accept my mother, and keep us company for…… eternity. What sounds better.”

“None of them sounds better, listen Jackie no one wants to see this witch live or we don’t want to live with her.” Searra said, missing one of the main points of Jackie’s deal, she didn’t mind living with Jackie, it was just the witch that she had problems with.

“Jackie, did you say eternity?” Sanderson asked, seeing if he heard right, or sand was in his ears again.

“Eternity!!” Flynn yelled, why can’t anything go right for him, he keeps being pulled into things that he never wanted to do. Staring at the brown haired girl with disbelieve all over his face.

Jackie just sighed, pulling her dagger away from Aster’s throat, for the moment. “Oh, well I guess I don’t have a-”

She was cut off by the call of a messenger hawk. She had ducked in time for the bird to fly over her head to land on Flynn’s and well… pooped on it. White bird poop was going down his hair and onto his neck. It was still sitting on his head as well.

“Oh come on.” He yelled and whispered “What did I do for this to happen to me?”

Jackie just let out a cheerful laugh at goat man’s misfortune. She walked over to the bird and untied the letter on his leg, gentle waving her hand and whispering ‘Go on’ to the bird, as soon as the hawk left, she looked at the five tied on the chairs and said “Wonder what this could be?”

“I don’t think you want to read that.” German Santa, but she didn’t listen to him and opened it anyway.

Her heart broke when she write the letter and what it said was this.

Come back to Corona

The witch has been caught

Her trail will be in a few days

You have until Friday to be back and see the fate of the witch.

We all pray that she gets the greatest punishment; death.

Jackie was biting her lips as she turned to the group of five “They have my mother. I’ve got a new deal for you. Take me to Corona, help me find my mother and help us find a new place to live. You won’t tell anyone where we are, you won’t come back, and you will never, and I mean NEVER say our names ever again. Got it?”

All five nodded their heads, they didn’t want to know what she would do to them if they didn’t. They also didn’t know her powers or strength, so it was just safer to agree with Jackie than to risk it.

When they agreed Jackie turned to show her back to them, she didn’t want them to see her cry “Get some rest, Corona is a three day travel, Friday is five days away, so we’ll leave tomorrow at sunrise.” 





The End

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