Chapter SevenMature

Jackie was showing Baby Tooth the abandoned farm, which was a thirty minute walk away from the tower, the farm was used by Jackie as a pass time, since she really didn’t do anything else and she liked the berries and fruits that she grew.

“Why don’t I leave?” Jackie asked the fairy, by the time she was ten she told Mary to call her Jackie instead of Jacqueline, since it sounded fair to fancy for her and she liked the ring to Jackie.

The two were at a strawberry bush, picking the berries to make something for Mother when she got home and Jackie was thinking Strawberry cake, Mother loved strawberry cake.

Baby Tooth was looking at the young female with a face that clearly asked “Why?”

“Why? Why wouldn’t I stay here, well I have everything I need and want here.”

Jackie looked at the sky and thought, her face softened as she thought of the reason why she never left, and the kidnapping came to mind as one, but Baby Tooth didn’t need to know that.

“Baby Tooth, I’ve got everything.” Jackie said as if she was reading a poem her voice was soft and lovely, it reminded Baby Tooth of beautiful bells ringing at noon.

“I’ve got a mothers love,

I don’t need any more than that. 

There are many things that I’m graceful for.

Yes, I have everything

I could need and want,

Even the door.

But, Baby Tooth

Sometime it’s safer too stay in.

So don’t ask,

When will your life begin.”

The two continue to pick berries, by the time they were done; the two girls had, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Young berries.

As the two walked back to the tower, she was fighting against herself if she should tell Baby about her powers, or at least hint at them, just in case she was still with them when December decided to roll up.

“Baby?” She asked the little fairy that was sitting on her shoulder on the inside of her hood, she felt it when the fairy nodded.

“There’s a reason why I can’t leave, one of them is that everyone wants my power, or for me to use it against their enemies, but its okay no one knows where we live and barely any one knows that my powers are real.”

When Jackie and Baby where five minutes away from the tower. She saw the kings horses, and she felt as if her stomach had dropped and everything she had eaten was going to come back up, as her blood ran cold.

She ran to the tower and stopped to see that the door was kicked off the hinges, she ran into the broken door and grabbed the staff that she had hidden in a draw –well more like a safe, kind of thing.

Baby Tooth was hanging onto the strings of Jackie’s hood, but she knew who was in there or at least one of them, she had a mental connection to it and it would be sad, if she didn’t know who her family was. Baby didn’t want Jackie dragged into this, but it was far too late for that and she didn’t have the energy to talk the human tongue.

When she had reached the top of the stairs, skipping two at a time as she went, there was a loud bang coming from the living room/ kitchen area and a booming voice said

“So someone does in fact live here.”

Jackie was hoping to the high heavens or to whoever was up there; that Mother wasn’t home and was still at the market. Her powers weren’t at their peak, no that was in her other form, but she could still use them and they would have to do, besides the people in their more likely than not, didn’t even know that Mary had a daughter and wouldn’t know of her powers.

“But is it the witch?” A soft female voice asked.

“The women’s a witch, as you said, she was probably here, but heard us coming and ran for it, it’s not hard to hear us, with Nick making as much noise as he does by walking.”

“Can I leave now?” Another male voice asked

“No.” The forth one and ‘Nick’ said.

“Okay, fine.” The fifth one whined, he sounded more whiny than most children under the age of five.

Jackie couldn’t take it anymore; they were talking about her mother, her mother like she was the scum of the planet; her mother saved her when she was three or four months old, and they had hatred in their voices that she knew that they weren’t going to be kind to her.

Slamming the door open and quickly summoning hail, no not small pieces that are found in rain, but bog ones, bigger than soccer balls. Before any of the five could regret to the door slamming open they were knocked out with a Whack! against their heads.

“Going to the closet and grabbed the rope, that mother and her kept there for their rope ladders, she went to the youngest looking, but second tallest and tied him up, well after tapping him with her foot to make sure that he really was down for the count and not faking it.

She quickly moved on to the others, and while she did that she bonded the ropes together with some of her un-melt able ice.  

“That’s good.” She told herself when she was done with that, she had seen that they had weapons on them, so she took and hide them around the room, now all she had to do was wait for them to wake up and they better do it soon, she’s never had a very good patience.



The End

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