Chapter SixMature

The guard that had told the king about the witch, was looking the bravest and strongest warriors of the lands; The Guardians. The name even if used a lot over the years; they become well known and feared among the thugs, thieves, and any criminal that one would think.

There was one fact that made them even more feared; if anyone dared to hurt a child, or any defenceless person; they don’t live out the week.

Anyway, the guard had found Rider –not a hard thing to do, since the young male was in a prison cell.

Dragging Rider behind him, he was lucky that he ran into the only female of the group: Searra Fae.

Searra Fae was a woman around thirty years of age. She had a deep tan with black hair and her eyes were a unique colour; a very deep royal purple that could reveal any stone for beauty. She was tall, around 167cm in height, and she was not thin, but she wasn’t fat either. She was healthy for her height and built. She wore a deep navy dress that went to her knees and leggings covering the rest of her leg. Searra was never seen without feathers in her hair of any colour really, it didn’t matter the event was important or not. In fact if she did stop wearing them, he would think something was wrong and so would everyone else. She wore black flats on her feet, as she hated shoes and this were the only ones she would wear if she had to wear them.

“Rider, Black.” She called out to the two, the newly named ‘Black’ nodded his head at her and she said “What do you want?”

“We found the location of the witch that had tried to kidnap the Princess eighteen years ago and the king has asked The Guardians to go look for her and bring her back here for her punishment, he also asks you to take Rider.”

When he was telling Searra about the witch the other members of the Guardians were walking down the path to meet with their female member. The group only had four members and they were; Searra Fae, Nicholas St. North, Sanderson Luna and E. Aster Warren.

Nicholas St. North had black hair, which he kept the shoulder length hair in a ponytail the base of his head, he had wide light brown eyes; it looked like he saw happiness no matter the situation. His skin was slightly tanned, not enough to it a beach tan, but enough to make him look healthy. The thing that scared people the most about Nick was the fact he was huge, it was his height and muscle, being near 180cm tall and his limps were thicker than most trees. Nick also carried two swords on his back; he wore black pants, dark grey jacket and a crimson shirt. His thick black German work boots were hitting the ground with heavy thumps.

Sanderson Luna was the kindest of the four and the oldest member of the group. He had light gold hair and eyes, his skin was pale –not deathly pale, but not tanned either- and his looked quite boyish in fact it surprised most people when he told them that he was nearing his forties. His heart was as golden as his eyes and hair, he helped those who were in need, he choose not to talk a lot, but when he did it was always something important and something the others took on board when they were planning something. He was quite skinny and shortish; being the height of most ten year olds didn’t help when people were trying to guess his age. He wore black pants, golden shirt with a black jacket over the top. Unlike Nick Sanderson chose to wear black sneakers, instead of boots.  

The youngest member being nineteen was E. Aster Warren, his hair was a light brown, but many would see highlights of a bluey-grey on the bottom layer. His eyes were a beautiful spring green that was surrounded by tanned skin, not as deep as Searra’s, but darker than Nick’s. He was about 165cm in height and was lean instead of bulky like Nick was. Aster didn’t like his name and shorten it to something that he wouldn’t get teased about for being ‘girly’ and even anyone called it him, the other three would have to hold him back before he took their heads off with one of the daggers that he carried around. He wore black pants, green jacket and a bluely-grey jacket with black sneakers.

“The king needs help finding witch.” Nick’s slight German accent played in his voice.

When he saw the other three, the knight –Black- wanted and was waiting for the ground to shallow him, so he didn’t make a fool of himself in front of some of the most important people in the kingdom –beside the king, queen and princess, of course.

“I’m up for the adventure.” Aster said “Do we have to take anyone?”

“Yes, sir.” Black said and pointed to the person next to him “Rider only.”

“What, why me.” Rider shouted, he so did not want to be with ‘Guardians’ he like any thief hated their guts, as they made life hard for them and easier for the rice.

“For trying to steal the princess tiara.”

With the words leaving the knights mouth, everyone started to giggle or laugh behind their hands, as to show some level of dignity.

But no one could blame them as that was a really funny day, to every besides Rider and Rapunzel as she didn’t see the humour in it or behind it really, but to be fair she didn’t get a lot of things.

“Stop laughing it’s not funny.” Rider hissed.       

“Mate, that was the funniest thing that has happened in the kingdom since I got here and no one’s going to tell me otherwise.” Aster chocked out, as he was able to stop laughing to say this, but went back too laughing when he finished his sentence.

“I’m sorry Flynn, but I’m going to have to side with Aster on this matter and say that was pretty funny.” Sanderson said, laughing behind his hand.

“I’ve got to agree, you did have your butt handed to you by a princess.” Searra said, proud of the girl for defending herself and this gave Searra hope that maybe more females would join the guards or at least learn to defend themselves.

Yea, that hadn’t been a good day for him, that and this one, but that day still ranked one for the ‘Most horrible day of my life’ list. Sanderson was laughing at him and it was rumoured that he was the kindest of the four.

“Well, why don’t we just meet at sunrise, what do you say Searra?” Nick asked, knowing that this would remind everyone that this conversation had a propose, and it was not laughing at Riders horrid day, no matter how funny.

“That good, see you all at sunrise.”

With that everyone went to pack some stuff to catch the witch, who’s name wasn’t known, but they had an idea of what it was, but close wasn’t good enough.   


The End

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