Chapter FiveMature

“JACKIE! MUMMY HAS A SURPISE FOR YOU!” Mary yelled at her daughter.

“I HAVE ONE, TOO!” Jackie yelled back, laughing.


“I BET MINES MORE SHOCKING” Jackie yelled as she ran into the room. Over the years her appearance had changed greatly.

Her hair that used to be at her shoulders in a bob; was now down the middle of her waist, her body was of a young women’s, not a child’s anymore. She had curves in the right places; her brown eyes had gained golden snowflakes. She wore a brown dress, with a white corset and a black vest over the top it. Mary saw that her hands were behind her back, but ignored that face, since knowing Jackie; she was going to tell her anyway.

She pulled a basket out from behind her back, and in this basket were blueberries. “Fresh from the farmer’s market, I know you love Blueberry jam, homemade even better.”

Jackie would have hugged her, if she didn’t have anything in her hands that is.

“And here’s mind.” She said as she gently opened her hands to show what was in them.

She was holding a small fairy, one of the poor creatures wings seemed to be broken. The little fairy had lightly tanned skin, black hair, but her fringe had green in it, it went perfectly with her eyes as they were a lovely shade of light purple.

The petite and delight creature was wearing a sleeveless gold dress, with what seemed to be a teeth border on the top and bottom. Mary just satire at the pretty creature, than she looked at her daughter.

“I’m sorry Jackie, but she’s not a pet.”

“I know that, I was just going to let her stay until her wing got better.” She said, as her checks heated up “Now; let’s go make that jam.”

Mary just had to laugh at Jackie’s sense of humour; as she put the tiny fairy onto one of the many pillows that decorated the window.

Sadly, Jackie never left the tower and if she was forced to, never really wondered far, and if she did it was for her winter duties. That was rare in and out itself that she willing go outside. Will at least not since the almost kidnapping when she was six.

After making the jam and putting it into jars keeping half for themselves and the other half to be sold, what they have a lot of free time.

Jackie was talking to her new fairy friend by the window “Mother said, you can’t stay here, but you can until your wing gets better, but do you have a name?”

The little fairy nodded her head and Jackie knew she was going to have to guess it, fun.

“Is it Bell?” the little fairy just shook her head “Bluebell, Rosy, Cilia-Lily, or Amber?”

Each one the fairy just shook her head “I’ve had better luck naming my baby teeth.” The fairy quickly nodded her head.

“Baby Teeth?” The fairy held up one of her fingers, to give Jackie a break and have her know her name, Jackie put a berry in front of Baby as she said “Oh, Baby Tooth. Sorry about that Baby. Anyway Mother should be coming back soon, she ran out of honey. She never uses sugar, says it’s bad for your teeth or something along those lines. Don’t worry she never keeps any in the house anyway, but she does bring me things to do when she’s out getting her honey.”

It was a very true fact. Mary never used sugar, as she said she’s always go on about it being bad for your teeth and if you did have sugar in front of her; she’d have a panic attack. That and when a recipe called for sugar. They were no doubts in Jackie’s mind, that her mother would put honey instead of sugar.

“Why don’t we go out Baby Tooth?”

Baby just nodded her head and with that Jackie grabbed her clock, her mother telling her way she needed to wear it when she was ten. Baby sat on her shoulder and they went outside.

With Jackie showing her all the plants that were outside the tower, Baby was happy that she found the tower and it wouldn’t be long before her mother found her and her sisters.        

The End

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