Chapter FourMature

Rapunzel had always known that her hair was special. That no one else would grow to the length she did, which was like 70 feet, and that theirs couldn’t do what hers could.

When she was younger she found out that she could heal people, all she had to do was sing a song and whatever was wrong before would be fixed, no matter the injury; life threatening or the smallest cut.

Rapunzel was playing chess with her father, the king, when the knight ran into the room,

“Sire.” He yelled “We found the witch.”

When she was nine, he father and mother told her about the witch that had tried to kidnap her for some reason or another, but he never told, in fact she believed that he didn’t know either.

“Daddy what’s going on?” She asked, as she looked up from the board and to her father.

“It’s okay dear.” He told her before giving the knight orders “Find her. Bring her here.”

She was also confused as to why her father was acting like, like this, the witch hadn’t tired do to anything for the last eighteen years “Take the Guardians with you. They’re the best warriors and also take rider; this will be his punishment for trying to steal from my daughter.”

The knight bowed and left, the king looked at his daughter and saw the confused expression on her face, he decided that it would be better to take her mind back to the game which he was; losing.

“Now, where were we? Oh yes check.”

Check mate.” Rapunzel smirked as King Adam just stared at the board, hello she was like the best chess player in the kingdom, nice try daddy, nice try. “I believe that 24 for me; want to try 25 out of 47?”

Adam just laughed as he shook his head.

“Rapunzel, why don’t we go see your mother?”

“Why daddy?”

“Your mother hasn’t been told about the witch yet, that and your cousins from Arendelle are going to come for your birthday, so we have to have everything perfect and they might want a letter about what happened.”

“Yes of course, daddy.”

The two walked out of the room and into her parent’s room. Rapunzel also loved her parents room, it was like spring had always stayed there no matter the season.

“Rapunzel, Adam how did your chess game go?”

“I won 24 games, mummy.” Rapunzel said, as her father just suck his tongue out at her and she returned the favour.

“Anyway, we have good news.” Adam cheered as he hugged his wife.

“Good news?”

“The witch had been found and I sent knights and warriors to go get her.”

At that her mother had dropped what she was doing when they came in, and she smiled with tears flowing down her checks and into her lap.

“Thank goodness, that horrible woman has been found.”

Rapunzel just stood there, she wanted to say something, but she didn’t know this ‘witch’ so she didn’t feel it was fair, to go judging her before they meet. Her parents didn’t know her either, it was shown when she asked for her name and they couldn’t give her one, so how could they judge her.

But she trusted her parents, and she would trust their judgment. She was going to trust her parents to do what was right and fair when it came to this woman’s trail.     



The End

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