Chapter ThreeMature

Twelve Years Later

“It has been eighteen years, since the death of the Noelle village and it had been that long since the witch had tried to kidnap the princess.” A guy with brown hair and eyes said, while he stared at a castle that was mainly white, everyone knew of the princess’ almost kidnapping and the murder of one of the nicest villages that ever lived.

“Well, I’m sorry princess, but I’m going to get that crown, nothing personal, I’ll get or my name isn’t Flynn Rider.”

The proclaimed ‘Flynn’ made quick work onto getting into the castle grounds and up on of the many walls until he saw the room that he wanted.

Soon he was looking into the window of the room, smirking as he looked around to see if there was anyone in the room. Everyone had told him about the princess’ tiara and how priceless it was; perfect for anyone who was trying to make a new life for himself.

That’s when he spotted the priceless tiara sitting on the dresser on a royal purple pillow. Looking around as he quietly opened the window.

Carefully to not make any noise as he dropped in, he saw that no one was in the room. He ran to the pillow and picked up the item from the pillow: looking to see if any had heard him coming in, or taking the thing from the pillow.

Seeing that no one had entered the room, he turned to the window of which he had come in from, but before leaving he looked at the item in his hands and said “You and me are going to be-”

But he was cut off, with a harsh whack to the head, sadly he didn’t hear the footsteps that were coming to the room, and he didn’t get out the window when he had the change, so he never saw the petite blonde entre the room.

After a few minutes he opened his eyes to see that he was tied up with hair… hair and when he looked up he saw the prettiest green eyes, too bad the pretty green eyes were looking at him with fear, so he went to say something.


That’s when her pretty red lips opened up and screamed ‘Daddy’ and then he was whacked in the head with a… a… a frying pan.

“Ow! Hey stop that-”


“Come on blon-”

At the moment the door opened up, the king and his knights walked in to find the funniest sight, a young male was being beaten by the princess. The princess’ weapon of choice of course a frying pan, well she was helping her mother in the kitchen and had forgotten that she had the thing in her hand.

They quickly grabbed the poor boy before he was given a head injury and took him to the castle first centre for his injuries and then to a lovely stone cell.

And later that night were they was no one around; the guards that came with the king told everyone what had happened and they all had a good laugh about it.

Thank goodness for princess Rapunzel and her strange ways.



The End

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